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Why Moving Pods are Better than Moving Vans

If you have ever moved, or are moving in the near future, you may have heard of portable moving pods. If you have not, the advantages of moving with pods are extensive, and could be just the option you are looking for to assist you with your move.

So what are pods? Pods (portable on demand storage) is a moving and storage system where the company drops off, picks up, and transports your things, to literally anywhere you want them to take it.

Pods are a great alternative to the traditional moving van for several reasons.

First, they alleviate a ton of the leg work that comes with moving your belongings into a standard van. These storage containers sit at ground level, so you can load your belongings into them without the up and down of having to load things into a large van or truck.
Another advantage is that you do not have to maneuver a large moving truck or van around town. If anyone has moved before, they know that driving these trucks can be a bit of a challenge.

With pods, movers will pick up the entire container, and move it from point A to point B. Another great advantage of the pods is that you do not have to unpack immediately. With long distance movers, or standard moving trucks, you have time constraints as to when the truck needs to be returned. With the pods, you can keep them up to a month for one straight fee. This allows you to be able to unpack at your leisure.

Pods are weather and humidity resistant, and extremely secure. You are the only person with the key to the pod, so you can also avoid the uncertainty that comes with leaving your belongings in a storage unit.

Whether you are moving across town, or just need to store some belongings, pods are a great alternative to traditional moving vans. They are secure, cost effective, and convenient, making them a great option for any reason you may need them.