Why Bathroom Additions And Remodels Add Value To Homes

Mosaic tile patterns

It can become rather easy to get bored with the look of your bathroom. A bathroom is a unique room in a home, because while it serves obvious utilitarian purposes — every house needs a bathroom! — many homeowners also see their bathrooms, and their master bathrooms in particular, as spaces meant for relaxation. It’s a lot easier to relax in a shower or bathtub when your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing — and if your bathroom has plumbing issues or problems with mold, it’s virtually unusable. This is why a lot of people buy homes with the intention of renovating their bathrooms in the long term. Bathroom remodels are extremely popular in this day and age, and thus there are more options available for those who want to change up their bathrooms than there ever have been before. Not every bathroom remodeling job has to be an extreme renovation; sometimes, something as simple as peel and stick tiles can completely revamp the look of your bathroom. Of course, not everyone wants to change the appearance of a bathroom simply for themselves. Improving the appearance and functionality of your bathroom can add to the overall value of your home — something to keep in mind if you plan on selling your home at any point in the future. Below, we’ll look into some of the options available for those who want to renovate their bathrooms.

Tile: A Small Way To Change Appearance

There are plenty of major renovations that you can invest in when remodeling a bathroom. However, not all renovations have to be big, or for that matter extremely expensive. A lot of people simply change the tile of their bathroom — or add tile where there was none before. That alone can make a bathroom look more updated and new. Ceramic tile for a bathroom is extremely on trend right now. One of the reasons why lots of people like ceramic tile for a bathroom is that it comes in a variety of different colors, and for that matter is durable. Another advantage of ceramic tile for a bathroom is that it can be used as a type of shower floor tile, as well as shower wall tile. The type of ceramic tile for a bathroom can also be used on top of a countertop, as well as a backsplash. Mosaic tile patterns are increasing in popularity for the same reason.

Choosing Tile: What To Look For

Not all tile is created equal! Not only are there many different types of tile available — many of them vary in quality. What you want to look for is the tile’s PEI rating. The PEI rating indicates how strong tile is. If a tile’s PEI rating is one, for example, it can’t sand a lot of wear and should only be used as wall tile. On the other hand, a rating of five means that tile can withstand a lot of foot traffic and is great for the heaviest commercial installations. Of course, some homeowners want to invest in something a bit more extensive than tile.

Return On Investment: Adding To The Value Of Your Home

Say you want to add to the value of your home — renovating your bathroom is a fairly simple way of doing that. A bathroom addition — not even a whole renovation — has an average return on investment of 86.4%. This great return on investment value is one of the reasons why bathroom renovations are the most requesting types of remodeling jobs in the U.S., at 78%. You can increase the value of your home by adding a glass shower enclosure to your bathroom (preferred by 79% of homeowners) — and the great thing about this is that you yourself can enjoy that kind of addition. You might also want to look into adding a bathtub if your bathroom lacks one. But don’t forget practicalities: you should certainly have your bathroom’s efficiency inspected by professionals.

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