You got your gourds, your pumpkin candles and your pumpkin spice coffee. They pair nicely with the 90 degree temperatures that made a showing today! Summer can stay for a little bit longer if anyone asks you!
As soon as the middle of September arrives, there are many people who attempt to fast forward to the cooler temperatures of fall, the changing of the color or leaves, and many who simply want to up their pumpkin spice game. Although pumpkin spice is on the minds of many people when fall nears, there are certainly more serious concerns as well when the weather begins to change and the temperature starts to change. In fact, as the fall weather arrives there are a number of home owners who are looking at whether or not their home is as energy efficient as it should be.
Energy Efficient Home Construction Helps Property Owners Safe Money in the Long Run
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During a warm day, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as turning on your air conditioner. Unfortunately, these items are known to run into issues from time to time. That being said, certain people might wait too long to have repairs performed. This is typically when an air conditioning unit gives out altogether. In turn, this could leave you waiting a warm home for AC repair services. If you want to avoid this understandably stressful problem, it helps to be aware of warning signs. With that in mind, here are four warning signs it’s time to have your air conditioner repaired.

  • Hearing Odd Noises Throughout Your Home

    Hearing a random noise in your home is rarely a good thing. Considering that, you certainly don’t want any odd noises to resonate from your air conditioner. Since this system resides in and outside of your home, it might be difficult to tell if

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Summer has ended and the kids are back to school, and you are on a quest to get your home in shape before your youngest daughter’s high school graduation party. With the house more empty than full during these long school days, you are hopeful that you will be able to get the home remodeling projects completed with as little disruption to your daily lives as possible.
You are getting bids from several residential contractors for the interior home additions and changes that you want to make.
Residential Contractors Make Individual Bids on Room Addition Costs
Interior home additions are a common approach that property owners take if they want to stay in their current home, instead of purchasing and moving to a bigger home. From basement additions to extra bedrooms to larger kitchens, there are many ways that property owners can transform their current spaces into larger, more open locations. Consider some of these facts and figures about the home remodeling industry an

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