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Why Not Look Into Self Service Movers the Next Time You Move

Self service movers offer you the best of two worlds, really. If you choose one of the self service movers in your area to help you move house, you WILL have to pack and unpack, but you won’t have to drive the truck.

Self service movers do not require you to transport heavy boxes and furniture up a ramp into the back of a moving van, either. Quite the contrary! Self service movers deliver a moving container to your driveway, where it sits at ground level for safe and leisurely loading. You can take your time with loading, too; self service movers allow rental periods as long as one month in duration.

So, you’ve decided on one of the self service movers in your area, and they’ve dropped a moving container off in your driveway. What’s next? The loading process is as simple as carrying furniture and boxes from one room to another. When you’re done for the day, you lock up with the one and only existing key to your unit. What about security? No worries there. Self service movers offer only moving containers that are constructed from materials strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Thieves and vandals aren’t a concern, either. Moving containers resist their best efforts with no problem.

When you’re finished packing, your self service movers retrieve your moving container and transport it to the driveway of your new home for unloading. They’ll also return to pick the container up when it’s empty. If you are unable to gain access to your new home right away, your self service movers will transport the container to their secure facilities for storage. Self service movers employ surveillance equipment, security guards and keypad entry systems in their climate controlled facilities to ensure that your belongings remain safe until you need them.