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Last Minute Moving

Last year when two of my friends were trying to move out for the summer and did not know where to put all of their junk I recommended to them a self service mover. I thought a self service mover would be a great idea for them because they just had so many things to move out and a lot of it was big and bulky like the refrigerator and cabinets. They did not really know what a self service mover was until we looked a few of them up online and found some that were nearby the area that we were trying to move them out of. So they hurried back that same day and packed up all of their things. However their flights were able to leave the next morning and the self service mover did not open until midday the next day. So they asked me if I could do them a huge favor and move all of their things for them. At first I just told them that I would be glad to help them and do it all in a day. When I got the their place and saw all the things that they needed to load I felt overwhelmed and did not really think that I would be able to carry most of the things that they wanted to move out of their place. So I was honest with them and told them that I did not think that I could take care of the self service mover all by myself since there were so many heavy things. Luckily we thought about asking more of our friends to help out. In the end I had five other people helping me move out all of their stuff into the van of the self service mover.

Saving Time And Money: Hiring A Self Service Mover

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the prospect of packing up all of your worldly possessions and schlepping them from point A to point B can often prove to be a daunting one. Typically either a backbreakingly exhausting endeavor for the do it yourselfers or an unbelievably expensive undertaking if one hires a moving company, the logistics of changing domiciles can indeed be nightmarish. However, a concept that is quickly gaining ground in its industry is using a self service mover to get your belongings where they need to go at a reasonable price.

The basic concept of using a self service mover entails moving your own furniture, boxes, and other things into a large metal container that gets dropped off next to the abode you want to move from. Once you have gotten your possessions into the container, the self service mover sends a truck to pick up your things and bring them to your new home once you arrive. Because you are using these easily portable and detachable shipping containers, a self service mover may store your things easily in a warehouse facility if there happens to be a time lag between leaving one place and moving into the next.

When you dissect the business model of a self service mover, the customer saves money on hiring traditional movers by schlepping their own possessions into and out of their home, and pays for only the cost of pickup, delivery, driving, and storage. This renders the self service mover option a bit higher than the traditional start to finish do it yourself move, and still quite a bit lower than the typical experience of hiring a full service moving company. While the work of moving your things from old house to new still falls on the shoulders of the customer, the worries of driving an unwieldy and unfamiliar vehicle on less than familiar roads is eliminated with a self service mover. If you find yourself in the pickle of moving logistics that so many others often have before, this option might be one to strongly consider.

Self Service Movers…No Muss, No Fuss

Let’s just get down to brass tacks: moving can be made a lot easier with self service movers on your side. You have to admit that moving is oftentimes a huge hassle, with a thousand and one details to take care of throughout the entire process. Without self service movers to rely on, you are looking at long hours of waiting for the movers to come to your home and/or office, and even more hours…and perhaps even longer…of waiting for your items to get to their final destination. Sign up with self service movers however, and the convenience of your move is rivaled only by its ease.

One of the most attractive aspects of self service movers is that you have a lot more freedom to transport your various items at your own pace and according to your own schedule. This benefit is twofold. With traditional moving services, you will often have to book your move weeks in advance, and the movers may not be available when you want them. Since self service movers allow you to do all the moving and packing according to you schedule, you eliminate a lot of the hassle of fitting your move into the schedule dictated by the moving company. Self service movers also give you as much time as you need to pack up your items and transport them, so you won’t have to worry about sticking to the rigid deadline set by the moving company, nor will you have to pay additional charges to the self service movers if you go over the deadline. This is because the schedule set by self service movers is generally a lot more flexible than that set by traditional moving services. For this reason alone, self service movers make a lot more sense than other moving services.

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