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Last Minute Moving

Last year when two of my friends were trying to move out for the summer and did not know where to put all of their junk I recommended to them a self service mover. I thought a self service mover would be a great idea for them because they just had so many things to move out and a lot of it was big and bulky like the refrigerator and cabinets. They did not really know what a self service mover was until we looked a few of them up online and found some that were nearby the area that we were trying to move them out of. So they hurried back that same day and packed up all of their things. However their flights were able to leave the next morning and the self service mover did not open until midday the next day. So they asked me if I could do them a huge favor and move all of their things for them. At first I just told them that I would be glad to help them and do it all in a day. When I got the their place and saw all the things that they needed to load I felt overwhelmed and did not really think that I would be able to carry most of the things that they wanted to move out of their place. So I was honest with them and told them that I did not think that I could take care of the self service mover all by myself since there were so many heavy things. Luckily we thought about asking more of our friends to help out. In the end I had five other people helping me move out all of their stuff into the van of the self service mover.

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