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Self Service Movers or Not?

Self service movers can often be good for people that are moving out and do not have a huge amount of things to move out. Even if you do have a lot of things to move out and can get a few of your friends to reliably help you out then you will probably benefit from self service movers. However some people will not do well with self service movers if they have huge items to move such as big furniture or pianos, this is especially true if there are a lot of stairs to get through and if there are not people that can help you. Self service movers in this case would only be a headache since these things cannot readily be moved by a single person. Also a lot of the movers have a lot more experience moving things like pianos which most people really have quite little experience doing. I am sure that when they hire movers they also look for people with great strength and agility. Unless you have a lot of practice moving pianos around and big furniture then you probably do not want to go with self service movers. Many college students however will want to chose self service movers since often times they are cheaper to purchase. Especially if the students live in the dorms they really do not have a lot of heavy things that they can have with them anyway. Some self service movers come in conjunction with a storage place which is quite convenient for college students that are moving out right after their final exams in a rush. The less things that they have to worry about the better and especially if they have to pay less then even better for them. It all really depends on the type of moving that will be going on and the people that will be involved that determine what is best.

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