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Break free from the traditional moving companies with pods

Need to store some items for a while before you find your next home? Moving across town or across the country? Pods are a great option for storage and for relocation purposes. Pods are an easy way to control the items you need to store or move without the restrictions of hiring a traditional moving company. Pods units come in three sizes: 8x7x7, 8x8x12, and 8x8x16.

Pods makes it easy for customers by eliminating the hassle of transporting their items. Pods will drop off the empty unit at your specified location for you to fill with items when it is convenient to you. No deadlines, here. When you are ready for your pod to be transported either to a pods storage facility or to your new location all you have to do contact your local pods facility and they will arrange for a pickup of your container. No need to worry about driving a moving truck, Pods will do all the driving of your unit.

You are welcome to use your own packing materials but if you need help with packing materials, just let your local facility know. Pods has all the packing supplies you will need: such as boxes, bubble wrap, mattress covers and packing paper. Pods use a patented hydraulic moving system that transports your pod unit from the ground level without using ramps. This process helps to avoid damage to your belongings that often results when items are lifted up ramps.

Pods are not just for moving and storing personal items; they work for businesses too. Moving your office downtown from the suburbs? Replacing office furniture? Load up a pods unit and have it waiting for you at your new office space.

Pods provide a convenient alternative for personal and business moving and storage. Experience the freedom to take extra time to pack your items the way you want with no extra fees. Escape from deadline pressure and work on your own schedule. Know that your items are safe and secure even during transport. Try pods for your next move and see for yourself.