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Tips for a Stress Free Move

Long distance movers specialize in moving families farther than across town. The movers can help families move anywhere from across the state to across the country. While hiring movers is extremely convenient and can reduce stress, it is best to take time before the move to determine exactly what is needed.

Before moving, it is best to make a list of what will be going and determine how big of a pod or pods is needed. This will also determine how much money will be spent, as well as which long distance movers company is right for the move. Another factor to consider is whether or not the long distance movers truck will be driven by company employees, and if they will assist with loading and unloading the truck. Depending on the company, it will be more expensive, but also less stressful and with lower risk of injury.

It may also prove helpful to weed out any unnecessary items that can either be sold or trashed. This will help condense what is being moved and make things less stressful. Also, fewer items allow for a smaller truck, which can save money.

After everything has been sorted, determine what will be needed first, such as bedroom and bathroom items. These items should be packed last so they can be unpacked first. It will also be beneficial to label each box for which room it belongs to. This will allow for easy sorting when everything gets unloaded, and will allow for more organized unpacking.

Up front, paying for long distance movers can seem like it is not worth the money. However, when considering how much time it would take to load, move and unload a houseful of furniture and items, not to mention transporting cars, family members and pets, it may prove that it was worth the money once the move is over. Also, long distance movers posses better knowledge of how things fit into the trucks, saving room, and may even know quicker ways to get to the destination.

The Best Way To Save Money When Moving

I recently moved to a new state. The last time I made a significant move, everything I owned fit in the trunk of my car. Five years later, I had a house full of my family heirloom antique furniture and a kitchen worth of appliances. Moving was now officially a whole new ballgame. I needed help moving and I started calling around to long distance movers.

I asked around before hiring movers and was given a variety of advice. When I spoke with referred long distance movers I found them to be more costly than I had hoped. Instead, I decided to learn about the pods I keep hearing so much about. A friend of mine had recently used pods for an international mover from Maryland to El Salvador and even with the distance she had a very positive experience with them.

Financially, pods seemed like the best option. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to move all that heavy furniture by myself and that i needed to hire movers. I found several local companies reviewed online and found a variety of local movers who were very affordable and have good reviews. I asked a few of the movers to put in bids and chose one.

I was surprised how smoothly the big move went. The pods were dropped off and picked up on time. The movers showed up, worked quickly and packed everything for me really well. Nothing was broken or damaged when I arrived at my new home. I had previously worried about that as my family heirloom furniture is obviously irreplaceable. Even the second set of movers I hired in my new city were great. The movers did a good job all around. I won’t change anything about this plan for my next big move, if there is one.