Three steps in finding cheap long distance movers

If this is your first time moving to a new home or office or if you have not moved for a very long time, you might be surprised at how expensive moving can be. It can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your belongings and the distance of your move. So if you are doing a long distance move or an interstate move, you might be shocked when you get the estimates from the long distance movers. So to help you with your move, here are three steps in finding cheap long distance movers.

The first step in finding cheap long distance movers is to know the standard cost for your move. In this, you need to contact at least five long distance movers. Ask them to inspect your belongings so that they can give proper estimate. Do not trust movers that will not conduct inspection. They are the ones who are more likely to charge you additional before or after the move. With estimates from five long distance movers, you can now see basically the standard cost of your move. What you have to remember is to hire a mover that offers standard rate. Do not hire a mover that offers very low estimate. A lot of people have already been victimized by their movers through low balling. The movers will offer low estimates but before the move or before they deliver the belongings, they will ask for additional payment. They will refuse to move or deliver the belongings unless the customer pays. Thus, choosing to pay the standard rate is cheaper than choosing a company that uses low balling to scam their customers.

Second, take a good look at the services of the long distance movers. These are offered by reliable moving companies to allow their customers to choose the right service that can help them with their move, both physically and financially. For example, there are portable storages, such as Pods, which are offered to those who do not have enough time to pack and load. What they can do instead is to call the moving company to deliver them the portable storages and leave them there until they are ready for them to be picked up. And if a customer also has no time to receive his belongings just yet, he can store the portable storages at the storage facility of the moving company. For a lot of people this is the cheapest and most convenient way for them.

Third, another step in finding cheap long distance movers is to look for discounts. There are many discounts that you can use to further lower the cost of your move. You can use coupons, senior citizens discount and other discounts. Many companies even offer discounts on moving items. You can also schedule your move during off peak season. Planning is the key in taking advantage of these discounts.

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