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2 Reasons why PODS is the company that you can trust

Before, there were only very few long distance moving companies. However, when the industry was deregulated companies that do not really have the experience and capabilities to become professional long distance movers were able to secure licensing. These movers, some of them just have trucks which they converted as moving trucks, became legitimate long distance movers. This change in the industry has brought about a diminish quality of service from among the long distance movers. As they are now so many in the market, most of these companies were forced to offer their service at very low price just to attract customers and remain in business. The quality of their service then suffers. In some case, they were even forced to resort to low balling just to stay afloat. They will offer their services at very low price just to attract customers. Once they sign up the customer, they will blackmail the customer. They will ask for additional charges or else they will not go on with the move or they will not deliver the already picked up belongings. They had to do this so that they will profit from the move since their initial estimate was very low. The poor and unsuspecting customer will then have to pay or else his belongings will not be delivered. This is the reason why it is important for anyone who is hiring a moving company to choose it wisely. One example is PODS. With PODS moving is safe, easy, problem free and affordable. Here are two reasons why Pods is different from other long distance movers.

PODS stands for Portable on Demand Storage. It is a moving company and also a storage company. It was established in 1998 and has since then became one of the most reliable and trusted moving and storage companies in the country, Canada and Australia. PODS grew quite significantly since it started. In 2005, it had reported a revenue of over $200 million. Today it is franchised in 45 states and averages a total of 2,500 deliveries in a day. This therefore shows the capabilities of PODS in delivering belongings anywhere in the country. Second, PODS offers convenience that no other companies can surpass. PODS work by delivering the portable storage unit to the customer. The storage container is then left to the customer for him to fill it up during his most convenient time. In this, there is no need for the customer to miss work just to pack and load the containers. Once he is finished he can just give the company a call so that they will pick it up and deliver to the assigned destination. If the customer also does not have the time yet to receive the belongings, he can also tell the company to store it temporarily in one of their warehouse or storage area.