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Packing Like You’re Carrying Your Home on Your Back

Did you know that 15 percent of the US population moves every year and that only 37 percent have never moved out of their home town? 44 percent of Americans have relocated for a job opportunity or a transfer. Moving is frequent enough that moving services are legally required to offer liability insurance on their cargoes. Still, it is recommended that people pack a suitcase with the bear essentials, as though for a trip. Online moving tools, like cost of distance calculators, are also available, but moving has declined to around 12 percent from a high of 20 percent in the mid 1960s. Experts agree on one thing. Having a thorough inventory is the best way to keep track of everything you have moved.

For long distance movers, moving services and moving pods can be invaluable. Just because someone is leaving a place behind does not mean that he or she should have to leave a life behind. At least that is the assumption under which moving services that lease pods operate. Pods storage provides moving services which most other moving and storage plans cannot match. For someone who has pods moving can be a much easier and more cost effective experience.

Moving services are in demand particularly between the months of June and September. This is the time known companies as moving season. Moving companies typically charge more for pods during these months because there is a higher demand for services. It is not surprising why this should be moving season. After all, it is the time of the year when kids are going back to college, or going to it for the first time.

Most people do not know the effective means of packing when moving services provide them with pods. The best thing to do is to start off with a Survival Box, a box which can contain necessities of living. Hopefully, these containers will hold those things which people require to live for the first couple of days and which can be the first thing taken out of a moving van. For instance, such a box might contain a set of clothes, a cellphone charger, pillows and a change of clothes.

Uncover the Wagon and Open Your Mind

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to change. They say that ‘time changes all things’ but, in reality, we have to change them ourselves. One thing that many people have a tough time changing their mind on is moving and the change that comes with it. We all have things we wish could last forever but the need for change is a good thing. Change helps us get to where we want to be and is meant to keep us alert and challenged by each passing day. If you are suddenly staring down the barrel of a gun and facing a big change, consider changing your perspective on moving.

New alternatives to the moving process get rid of that image of loading a covered wagon up and shuffling West with the family in hopes of making it to wherever you are headed. Thanks to PODS technology and long distance movers, moving is made much simpler and easier than it was even 25 years ago. With PODS, a moving company will drop off a PODS unit on your property and schedule a pick up date in less than a month. This allows you to load your property into the PODS unit at your own pace as opposed to warp speed and also ensures your property will not be thrown into the truck without remorse. Two terrors of moving are eliminated by using PODS units and it should make for a more pleasant experience for you and the whole family. Once your unit is loaded, you can call the PODS company and schedule a future pick up.

The next thing to consider is having your property and the PODS unit delivered to your new home. This process is an additional service but, in the grand scheme of things, is well worth the cost if it can reduce your driving time in a moving truck and the amount of traveling you have to do on your own. The best advice to offer would be to take the time to research and compare moving things on your own against the costs of using a PODS unit and a long distance moving company. The one thing to factor in is your time spent driving, packing, loading, and unloading as well as how much time you will be saving yourself.