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Organize Your Long Distance Move

Walking from room to room, you desperately search among stacks of boxes, piles of clothes and shoes, and bags of trash. You know that you just had the dust pan a couple of minutes ago. Then, an instantaneous flash of light and a blow to the back of the head, you find yourself flat on your back and half in shock. Out of the corner of your eye, a toy dump lies on it side, its little wheels still spinning away. If only dust pans came with holsters, you grumble to yourself as you look around to make sure no one saw your fall. Perhaps a dust pan holster would help, but the idea is kind of silly. Is it not? Thus, from a practical standpoint, moving pods would be much better. You see, with moving pods, the clutter, which is typical in the homes of long distance movers, can be reduced, if no eliminated. With moving pods, you are not only less likely to misplace your cleaning supplies, but less likely to end up on your back, gasping for air.

Prior to the wide available to moving pods, stacks of boxes and loose objects would be strewn throughout the home, waiting for the day of the moving company to arrive. Luckily, many moving companies now offer pods, which are basically portable storage containers like the ones you can rent for 50 to 100 bucks per month. A moving company will delivery pods to the residence of the customer, where he or she can load them at his or her pace. Pods can be rented from a few days to several weeks, which all depends on the needs and desires of the customer. The best thing about pods, though, is that they make it easier to organize a move, and practically eliminate hazardous clutter.

Under typical moving circumstances, clutter is inevitable, as few movers can afford to wait until the moving truck arrives before they begin their packing. However, when movers enlist the services of pods, personal possessions can be stored in the pods, where they can remain until it is time to unload at destination. Therefore, the disorganization and clutter that is typical to any move is a thing of the past. Considering the many things that people worry about when it comes to moving, is it not worth it to make a move easier in any way possible?

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