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How Much Time Do Your Spend on Your Gutters? They Are Important to Protecting Your Home

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Do you own your own your own home? How much time do you spend thinking about your gutters? Probably not a lot. That is too bad because your gutters are crucial to protection your home. The role gutters play in keeping your home safe is to usher water away from your home’s foundation. This is incredibly important to keeping your foundation as dry as possible and to keeping your basement, if you have one, dry as well. Problems with gutters is the number one reason that basements have water issues. If you want to keep your basement dry, you have to pay attention to you gutters.

Spring cleaning is a busy time. Depending on where you live, you may have had a lot of bad weather and snow. You need to do serious cleaning after a winter of blizzard after blizzard. If you do not have gutter cleaning on your

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Three Reasons to Invest in High Quality Windows

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Windows are essential to any home. A house without windows would be more of a prison than a home. Without windows, we’d have no natural light to brighten and warm our homes. We’d also have no way of enjoying the view of the neighborhood from the comfort of our living room.

However, while windows are necessary both aesthetically and functionally, having improper windows or improper installation of windows can lead to problems down the line, especially for those who live in areas susceptible to severe climate conditions.

Why Invest in High Quality Windows

The three main reasons to invest in high quality windows are energy efficiency, protection from extreme weather co

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Not So Surprising Reasons Why Owning and Living in Beach Real Estate Properties is Really Good for You

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Whether it’s a lake, a beach, or a large river, people have long believed that living close to the water has many benefits. After all, there are many reasons why some of the oldest, largest, and most important cities in the world are located right on a body of water, such as an open body of water like the ocean or even a large lake or river. Not only is water a means of transportation but it’s also necessary for life itself! For many people, life on the water isn’t just about living a vacation lifestyle, it’s an important part of their overall health and well being. Unsurprisingly, science is just beginning to back up what many people who live on the water already know — buy beach real estate for sale to live a better life!

A study performed by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dent

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Stay Cool and Keep Your AC Unit Happy with These 7 Tips

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Most people would agree that large parts of the United States would be completely inhabitable without air conditioning. That ;s why two thirds of us have it in our homes. At least 5% of all power that is consumed throughout the nation is on air conditioning our homes and businesses. This ends up costing homeowners about $11 million each year. A good way to save money on this is to switch to more energy efficient models and taking other measure to cool the home results in savings of between 20 to 50% on these costs associated with air conditioning. No one wants to have to call the air conditioning company in the middle of the summer because their unit died so here are some tips to keep yours running healthy and happy.

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Cool Tips for Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance That Every Homeowner Should Know

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It’s funny how during the longest, coldest, and hardest days of winter people long for the hazy and hot dog days of summer only to complain when those dog days arrive! The heat and haze of the summer’s dog days can make you feel like catching a cat nap just to stay cool, but proper and regular air conditioning maintenance is one thing you can’t afford to sleep on!

Air conditioner maintenance is the best way to stay cool and comfortable during the summer and can even help to keep you and your family members safe in terms of preventing heatstroke. Young children and seniors or those who have limited physical strength and compromised immune systems are especially prone to heatstroke and the results can be fatal in some cases.

Here are some super cool and easy ways you can keep your

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