How Much Time Do Your Spend on Your Gutters? They Are Important to Protecting Your Home

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Do you own your own your own home? How much time do you spend thinking about your gutters? Probably not a lot. That is too bad because your gutters are crucial to protection your home. The role gutters play in keeping your home safe is to usher water away from your home’s foundation. This is incredibly important to keeping your foundation as dry as possible and to keeping your basement, if you have one, dry as well. Problems with gutters is the number one reason that basements have water issues. If you want to keep your basement dry, you have to pay attention to you gutters.

Spring cleaning is a busy time. Depending on where you live, you may have had a lot of bad weather and snow. You need to do serious cleaning after a winter of blizzard after blizzard. If you do not have gutter cleaning on your spring “to do” list, you really should. Spring is the best time to get a nice, good look at your gutters and see how they are doing. During the winter when you had all that bad weather, your gutters may have gotten filled up with leaves and twigs and other debris.

Reasons to Include Gutter Cleaning in Your Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Protect your home from mold by keeping an eye on your gutters. When you neglect your gutters and leave them without cleaning for long periods of time they may get filled up with various kinds of debris. Your gutters can crack and break. With the leaves and twigs and whatever else that may be in your gutters and with any breaks or cracks, water no longer is able to flow away from your home the way it is supposed to. This will lead to mold. That is inevitable. If that water pools by your foundation and gets into your basement, it will lead to mold there. Mold claims have gone up by 1,1000 since 2005, according to Farmers Insurance. At least 93% of chronic sinus infections are caused by mold, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Faulty gutters can damage your roof. When your gutters do not remove the water the way they should, this can lead to leaks in your roof. These leaks can lead to you needing expensive roof repairs. When the water backs up onto the roof or even if it just sits in the gutters, it can start to leak into your home. In the first place, that gives mold another option to enter your home and cause problems. In the second place, the damage this does to your roof and other parts of your home can be very expensive to repair.
  • Protect your basement by cleaning out your gutters.andnbsp;When your gutters are not functioning, water will pool by your foundation. You should also check your down spouts. They need to drop water at least 1.8 meters from your foundation. If they are not, you can add extentions for the short term but will need to fix that for the long term with a drain pipe or other fix. This water will find a way into your home at some point. If you have a basemnet, that is where this water will wind up. Nearly 98% of all homeowners with a basement will have water problems in that basement at some point, that is just a fact. Keeping your gutters in good shape can help prevent problems.
  • Protect your paint job. When your gutters are working the way that they should, they protect the exterior of your home and that includes your paint job on your home. Do you like the paint on your home? If you do, you really want to make sure your gutters are in tip top shape. When the gutters do not work the way they should, water just dips all over your home. Over time, this moisture and dampness will start to make your paint fade and mean that you have to paint it more often. To prevent needing this, bring in a gutter cleaning service to do the work for you.

The bottom line: Clean your gutters to protect your home.


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