Three Reasons to Invest in High Quality Windows

Energy efficient windows

Windows are essential to any home. A house without windows would be more of a prison than a home. Without windows, we’d have no natural light to brighten and warm our homes. We’d also have no way of enjoying the view of the neighborhood from the comfort of our living room.

However, while windows are necessary both aesthetically and functionally, having improper windows or improper installation of windows can lead to problems down the line, especially for those who live in areas susceptible to severe climate conditions.

Why Invest in High Quality Windows

The three main reasons to invest in high quality windows are energy efficiency, protection from extreme weather conditions, and return on investment. Like any worthwhile investment, in order to get the most out of your windows you’ll have to think about the long term, and be willing to adjust accordingly. What does this mean?

1) Efficiency is Everything

Consider this: Inefficient windows cause the average home to lose 30% of its air conditioning/heating energy. That’s a significant amount (almost one-third)! Basically, these inefficient or outdated windows, even when closed, allow air to flow in and out rather than keep the air in. As a result, more energy from climate control units (AC and heating) is wasted when in use, since a lot of that cool or warm air escapes the residence.

The extra money spent on high efficiency windows with proper air sealing is well worth it when considering the potential energy savings. In fact, you can lower your energy bill by 7-15% with Energy Star qualified windows. Plus, new, modern windows have an average lifespan of 20 years, meaning you won’t even have to think about replacing your windows again for a long time to come.

2) Safety First

As hurricane season approaches, it’s time to start thinking more and more about protecting your home, yourself, and your family. Impact resistant windows are a must for people living in areas prone to extreme winds and storms. These windows can handle winds as fast as 200 miles per hour! While having good home insurance is always a safety net, it’s even better to invest in windows and doors that prevent or at least diminish destruction from occurring.

3) Expect a Solid Return

There’s another financial advantage to investing in high quality, safe windows: the return on investment (ROI). Simply put, by putting in the effort to make your home safer, more efficient, and more modern, you’re adding value to the property. So should you decide to put your home on the market in the future, it will have a higher market value than it did before you replaced the windows. And on average, people see a 78% ROI for replacing their windows, meaning that most of what you put into those new windows, you’ll eventually get back!

Perhaps now you have a newfound appreciation and understanding of your windows and what they can do for you. There’s a whole lot more to them than you might have thought before! So if it isn’t clear yet, remember: replacing your old windows with newer, better ones is a worthwhile investment!

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