3 Qualities You Need to Work In the Tree Removal Industry

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In the United States, there’s an established industry for virtually every type of service you can think of. One of the lesser thought about, but incredibly important, industries is that of tree removal. Tree service companies are constantly looking to hire qualified individuals for tree removal work and it can be a great profession for those that love the outdoors.

There is a lot more to it then just simply tree trimming and cutting down some branches though. For instance, did you know many arborists have to use cherry pickers or lifts to get high enough to cut down some branches? Other times they must stratp themselves in and literally climb up it themselves!

So, what does it take to work in the tree services industry? Well, aside from a general enjoyment of the outdoors, there are a variety of other qualities that are important for anyone looking to get into this line of work.

  1. Physical Strength: First and foremost, in order to have success as a worker in the tree removal services industry you need to have a significant level of physical strength. This doesn’t mean you need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, but you do need to be able to constantly move heavy branches, logs, and equipment around all day. The everyday wear-and-tear of this industry is enough to break down many a good men and women.
  2. Wildlife Acumen: In addition to physical prowess, people in the tree services industry must have a high level of knowledge when it comes to trees, plants, and general wildlife identification. This is so that they know the ins and outs of the things they’re cutting down/trimming and how they will react. It’s also good for avoiding potentially hazardous things like poison ivy and other potentially harmful elements you may encounter while out in the “office.”
  3. No Fear of Heights: Finally, if you have any sort of fear of heights, tree removal is probably not for you. As previously mentioned, many times it’s actually necessary for a worker to climb to the top of tall trees with nothing but a harness and chainsaw/cutting tool.

Working outside all day is a dream for many people. If you’re one of them and you meet these other qualifications, think about exploring a career in tree removal service today!

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