How to Care and Feed Your Terrazzo Floor

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If you are a home owner, you may be thinking about your flooring. Tile restoration is a great option. When maintained properly, it can last tens or even hundreds of years. Terrazzo tile has a log history that goes back 1500 years. If you have terrazzo flooring, you know how nice it is.

You may wonder how to go about terrazzo cleaning, it is is not hard but does tale some work. This flooring is widely available. It is inexpensive and very durable. It does take some care and feeding. To understand how to clean it, it helps to know what it is. terrazzo is a composite material. It is made of concrete and marble chips that are mixed with a resin. It is a luxurious flooring material. It looks a lot like marble but costs a lot less. Basically, it is two parts marble and one part binder. To add more of a marble look, some people add more of the chips on the top. It can be versatile, too. Some manufacturers use abalone or shell mother of pearl.

The problem ids that while it is durable and long lasting but the binder material that is used to create it can be porous. It can be subject to staining and must be sealed.This will prevent the need to terrazzo floor polishing. What is the best way to clean terrazzo floors? Experts recommend treating it like marble. In the Roman and Venetian times it became popular. Back then, stone masons took the leftover marble that was used to create statues and furniture. They then washed it with goats’ milk.

The one thing you need to know is that terrazzo is softer than granite. If your tile restoration involves terrazzo tiles, you should know that they are prone to staining. This is because they are so soft. People often confuse the two materials but that is a mistake.

Clean it often. The main problem with this kind of flooring is that it stains easily. One problem many people can avoid is these stains due to not dusting the floor enough. If you have your tile restoration include terrazzo, you should plan to sweep it often.

Get a wax job. You can protect your floor with a simple coat of wax. It is a simple and easy way to protect your floor.

Use water and a cloth. Seriously, the best way to clean your new terrazzo flooring is to go back to the basics. Simple water and a rag or cloth should do the trick.hat can

Wha can hurt my floor?

Do not use vinegar. Vinegar is a great cleaner. It is natural and non toxic BUT is is acidic and bad for flooring like terrazzo flooring. If you have recently had a floor restoration done, the last thing you to do is another terrazzo restoration, just do not use vinegar on your floor.

Do not use abrasives cleaners. It is natural to want to use the strongest clean out there. Resist that urge. You will remove all of the wax and damage the floor in the process.

Terrazzo floors are beautiful. It is kind or ironic that they are made from what people consider to be “scraps.” They do, however need care and feeding to keep them looking great. It may seem like this kind of floor nees more work than many others but many people find that the extra effort ends being worth it. More can be found here.

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