What to Do Before You Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Company

Bathroom remodeling companies

Before you pick up the phone and invite a bathroom remodeling company into your home to do all the work for you, get a plan in place! Do these three things before you even start making calls.

  • Set a Reasonable Budget.
    It’s a fallacy to think that your budget for bathroom remodeling need only be enough to cover the costs of parts and labor. If you want to hire a reputable bathroom remodeling company, that business likely entails overhead fees — covering the costs of human error, maintaining an office space, staff, and truck, as well as any advertising they do, for instance. It’s true that a good remodeling job can give you an average 62% return on investment, don’t blow all of your cash on a single vanity sink without the budget to have it properly installed.
  • Have a Design in Mind.
    Once you set your monetary limits, you can start browsing for bathroom remodeling designs all you want (just make sure to factor in the bathroom contractor costs). You might get ideas for bathroom remodeling from magazines, floor shows, or friends’ houses. Remember that the bathroom is one of the most highly-trafficked places in your home — not only do you want it to look nice, but you want it to last. Frequent use and moisture can quickly contribute to breakdown of major components over time.
  • Start Talking to Contractors.
    Once you’ve solidified your budget and your design plans, then you can start shopping around for the right bathroom remodeling company. It’s important to have a consistent plan when you talk with different companies so that you can get comparable quotes. You’ll also want to consider their references and levels of communication — do they understand what you want? Will they do everything they can to help you stay on-budget and still get the design you want? While it’s a big decision for you, the remodeler, to make, it should be just as important to the contractor to get you the results you want.

Bathroom remodels, if they’re good, should only happen about once every twenty years. Pick a style that suits your personality and is built to last — then hire a contractor who is committed to seeing the project through.

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