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Are You Poisoning Your Garden? Why Experts Recommend Using Eco Friendly Lawn Care Sprays

Organic lawn care wheaton

Across America, the same scene unfolds: we spend years searching for our dream homes, months furnishing them, and decades slowly making needed repairs. However, what American homeowners don’t know about the environment may be hurting their chances for a quick resale and permanently damaging their lawns. Recent studies show that the average American homeowner puts more than 10 times the pesticides into their lawns than large-scale farming operations use to tend their crops. Pesticides are a quick way to harm the ecosystem surrounding a home, and environmentally friendly lawn care professionals wish that homeowners knew more about their lawns.

Naturally, eco-friendly appliances are the first step to a green home. Do you wish that you could save 8,000 gallons of water per year? High-performan

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