Are You Poisoning Your Garden? Why Experts Recommend Using Eco Friendly Lawn Care Sprays

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Across America, the same scene unfolds: we spend years searching for our dream homes, months furnishing them, and decades slowly making needed repairs. However, what American homeowners don’t know about the environment may be hurting their chances for a quick resale and permanently damaging their lawns. Recent studies show that the average American homeowner puts more than 10 times the pesticides into their lawns than large-scale farming operations use to tend their crops. Pesticides are a quick way to harm the ecosystem surrounding a home, and environmentally friendly lawn care professionals wish that homeowners knew more about their lawns.

Naturally, eco-friendly appliances are the first step to a green home. Do you wish that you could save 8,000 gallons of water per year? High-performance, water-saving dishwashers can help even larger families make a substantial reduction to their water bills. Making green choices at the supermarket can also help maintain a home’s septic system: it’s a good idea, experts say, to minimize the use of harsh chemicals that will drain into a septic tank.

Surprisingly, there are a wide variety of organic, low-impact washing detergents and dish liquid. Wondering how to get stubborn streaks off windows and mirrors? Use vinegar and newspaper. Not every cleaning project benefits from heavy-duty chemicals: extended use of floor cleaner could damage pets’ airways. Stick to natural cleaners with as few ingredients as possible. Peppermint and garlic are often used in natural lawn care products to drive away pests. Most health food stores sell natural liquid soap without additives: it can be used for everything from brushing teeth to cleaning behind your dog’s sensitive ears.

Natural lawn care is also important for gardeners, who may not realize the extent to which chemical pesticides can leach into their fruits and vegetables. Maintaining an organic garden? It may be time to contact an environmentally friendly lawn care pro in order to make sure that you’re not adding something unexpected to corn, peas, eggplants, and other vegetables. There are millions of gardens in America, but the numbers of frogs, rabbits, and honeybees continue to dwindle. Decades ago, rabbits and butterflies were evident in abundance; now, gardeners are lucky to see them once every few months.

Starting to phase out harsh lawn care pesticides and consulting with an environmentally friendly lawn care team could be a positive first step to cultivating a more natural outdoor ecosystem. Of course, vermiculture experts would recommend the addition of hundreds to worms to any new garden: worms can be ordered online and shipped door to door. Likewise, gardeners can order ladybugs and even grasshoppers online. Taking the time to populate new gardens — or even ones that have been growing for years — can help minimize pests and maximize your family’s enjoyment of fresh produce.

Another great start towards more eco friendly lawn care is to invest in a sprinkler system that can double as an irrigation setup. Gardens lose so much moisture to the sun that taking care to plant a canopy of flowering plants for shade as well as to install a sprinkler system that uses less water can do a lot for established gardens – and gardeners’ water bills. Environmentally friendly lawn care teams can meet with homeowners to establish green lawn care, landscaping, and irrigation plans.

In the last few decades, American homeowners have educated themselves on the dangers of lead paint, lead pipes, and pesticide leakage, but it may be time for more formal testing of the entire property. Are your children playing in soil that has been contaminated by use of pesticides? Establishing safer lawn care standards can help homeowners implement child friendly and green lawn care routines. We all want to be assured of family friendly lawn care, and making the transition to organic lawn care could help families feel more confident that they are helping create a healthier and safer environment.

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