Getting Educated About Heating and Air Conditioning

Hvac system

Heating and air conditioning can be a pricey project. Whether new units are being installed into a home or it is simply a matter of upkeep and/or repair, customers want to employ the best and most reliable heating and air conditioning contractor they can find. A very important fact to keep in mind when installing a new hvac unit is that improper maintenance will cut down on the product’s efficiency, and possibly shorten the life of the unit. Yearly cleanings and regular maintenance will insure that it will last the 12 to 15 years that is the lifespan suggested by most manufacturers. Heating and air repair will usually be included in a service contract offered by the contractor that does maintenance on the unit or units. These companies offer a contract that will include a yearly cleaning of the furnace and/or the air conditioning system, as well as a fixed price for certain repairs. A service contract will usually run for a one year time span, each year beginning with a new contract.

A wise move for homeowners is to have attics inspected for any ventilation problems. It has been found that an attic that is properly ventilated will save the homeowner a good 10% to 12% on their fuel bills. In addition a programmable thermostat is a wonderful investment. It can be programmed to turn on at peak times and off during non-peak times, which, in the course of one year, can save the homeowner up to $180.00 on their fuel bill.

Air conditioning repair is usually handled by the same contractor that takes care of heating systems. In homes with central air conditioning, the ductwork that the heat flows through in the winter will be the same ductwork that the a/c flows through in the summer. The ductwork, or pipes, need to be the proper size and have proper sealing in order for the a/c unit to work at maximum efficiency. Allowing an experienced home air conditioning repair company to inspect the unit and the ductwork is a must for homeowners. It is imperative to keep on top of the performance of the unit, taking note of anything that would block or prevent it from working at its full capacity. That is why a yearly cleaning is so important. Keeping a home’s heating and air conditioning clean and free of any blockage or debris is paramount to saving money on fuel costs.

Many people these days are opting for ductless air conditioning systems. They are extremely efficient and can be used to cool, as well as heat, individual rooms. Some systems come with as many as four small units, or handlers, to be installed in four different rooms, or zones within the home, that are all connected to one outdoor unit. Each zone or room is equipped with its own thermostat so all zones don’t have to be working at the same time. If one or two rooms are unoccupied, the units in those rooms can be turned off. These ductless heating and air conditioning systems have not taken off in popularity, however. Even though they offer the opportunity for homeowners to save money by keeping unoccupied room thermostats down, they cost more than a central air conditioning system by about 30%. Another negative is that they cost twice as much as window units that offer the same capacity of cooling. They are small units, but are visible in the room, where central air conditioning is not visible but cools the whole house. People prefer quiet and out of sight. More like this blog.

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