How to do a Kitchen Sink Chip Repair 7 Easy Steps

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What happens when you accidentally drop a hard object on your porcelain sink or a steel sink?, It’s possible to chip the smooth enamel surface, and despite the fact that they are easy to clean, they are also susceptible to chips. So, what do you do when a chip has already formed on your sink? do you call an expert or rather a plumber to do a kitchen sink chip repair? You won’t need to call anyone anymore and you don’t need to replace sinks anytime they form chips either. Through simple steps, you can fix and repair your chipped sink within a record time.

What do you need to do a kitchen sink chip repair? Here’s a list.
4.Denatured alcohol
5.Epoxy filler kit
7.Porcelain enamel paint

What are the steps involved in kitchen sink repair?
After you have the materials necessary for the repair, get straight to it.
Step 1: Clean the chip
Using a sponge and soapy water, thoroughly clean the area around the chip.
Step2:Scrub the chip area
After the chip area is clean, fold your sandpaper into any shape, provided you create a point. Then, by applying pressure on the point using your finger, rough up the damaged area and remove the dirt. This process is to ensure the epoxy will adhere. Just to ensure no dirt has remained on the damaged chip, apply a little alcohol on a cloth and wipe that surface.
Step 3:Mix the epoxy
From the epoxy kit, read the carefully read the instructions and proceed to mix the two ingredients as clearly indicated on the label directions. Typically, an epoxy kit comprises of resin and a hardener.
Step 4: Apply the epoxy
Scoop a thin coat of epoxy and apply it in the chip area with a paintbrush. Repeat this step if the chip is deep, but do it gradually as each coat dries up.
5.Sand the epoxy filler
After the epoxy filler has completely dried up, this shouldn’t take long, sand the epoxy filler with a smooth sandpaper. Do not rough the chip area too much, be gentle until the paint adheres perfectly. With that done, you can now apply a thin layer of porcelain enamel paint, and this should return you sink’s original color.

It’s as easy as done, make sure you’ve followed all the steps to the letter because you wouldn’t want to have a sink that shows sign of chip repair. Kitchen sink chip repair is among the basic plumbing DIY that you can comfortably execute at home.

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