What You Should Know Before Renting Equipment

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When you have a big job to do, but lack the funds to buy the best equipment to get the work done, shops that offer equipment rentals provide a valuable service. The best equipment rental suppliers provide small companies with the ability to ramp up fast, without requiring the associated price tag of buying thousands and thousands of dollars in heavy machinery. The best equipment rentals also give the private DIYer access to the tools they need to get their work done, without having to invest in equipment they’d only need once.

As with all things, not every place that rents out equipment is created equally. If you use an equipment rental supplier who loans you cheap or poorly maintained equipment, in the best case scenario, it can really mess up your job. In the worst case scenario, using poorly maintained equipment can put the safety of you and the people in the area in danger. To make sure that you find the best equipment rental shop, you need to be armed with information. We’ve supplied that below:

What You Should Know About Renting Equipment

  1. You should know when it is beneficial to rent equipment.

    There are some instances where renting construction equipment is not the most cost effective option for you. When a piece of equipment is involved in your every day happenings, you might find that making an investment in purchasing it is cheaper than paying to rent it every time you need it. However, when you need a piece of equipment once in a while to get a job done, renting the equipment is a good idea.

    Another benefit to renting your tools and equipment is that the planned maintenance and repairs aren’t your problem. Depending on the equipment that you need, the upkeep and repairs for it might require resources and time that you just don’t have. This is another time that using rented equipment is a good solution.

  2. You should understand the rental policies before you leave with a piece of equipment.

    Every equipment rental supplier has their own guidelines for their rental tools. On top of that, the best policy for you depends on how long you plan to keep the rented equipment and what you plan to do with it. Before choosing an equipment rental supplier, pay attention to details beyond the base rate. Make sure that you understand what their guidelines for maintenance and repairs are. Ask about any additional fees you’ll be subject to, so you can make a real apples-to-apples cost comparison. Understand what liability you have if the tool or equipment is damaged or stolen while you have it. Talk about the dealers return policy.

    The equipment that you take home with you is worth hundreds to thousands to multiples of thousands of dollars. Never choose an equipment rental dealer until you’ve thoroughly gone over their policies and guidelines.
  3. You should shop for an equipment rental supplier based on how long you need the equipment.

    Equipment suppliers offer their rentals for hours, days, weeks, and months. The cost structure for each time frame is unique. If you need a tool for several hours, you’ll obviously pay an exorbitant amount above what you should if you rent it for a week. However, if your need the item for a week, the total cost if you rent it by the hour is going to be ridiculous. Before choosing a supplier, consider how long you’ll need the tool or equipment, and then find one that best aligns with your needs.

    And we’ll throw this in for free. If you need the equipment for a lengthy period of time, you should always as the supplier to give you a discount.

  4. You should know what questions to ask.
    The best way to find the right equipment rental supplier is to know what you need to know before you decide. Make sure to ask these questions before coming to a decision:
    • Will I have to pay for the full rental time if I bring the equipment back early?
    • What training do you offer on your equipment?
    • How often is your equipment inspected and serviced?
    • How long would it take you to replace a tool if it went down while I had it rented?

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