The Advantages Of Using Propane Over Alternatives

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Everyone has to deal with providing energy for their home in one way or another. Where once fuel options were fairly limited, now there are many different types of fuel to choose from. The question is — what fuel is right for your needs, and how does it work? Many are unfamiliar with the advantages of propane energy, and the big difference it can make in the long term. Admittedly, propane doesn’t work in quite the same way as other options — you’ll need to consider the realities of getting propane refills, as well as what cooking with gas means versus cooking with the many alternatives available. But propane services could certainly be right for you if you’re looking for an alternative that is relatively easy to use, as well as available for many different uses. Propane uses are actually fairly diverse — they can be used by farmers as well homeowners. Below, we’ll discuss a few propane facts, including what it is, how it works, and how it can be applied to a variety of different issues. From water heating to propane to heating your home with propane and even cooking with propane — the options are virtually endless.

The Basics Of Propane

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves — you aren’t quite ready for propane refills yet. First, let’s understand the basic of what propane is. Many believe that propane is just a gas — however, propane can actually come in the form of a liquid or a gas. When its atmospheric pressure is above -44 Fahrenheit, it’s a non-toxic, colorless, and odorless gas. Naturally, it’s odorless; but an identifying odor is often added so that people will know if there’s a gas leakage of some kind. This makes propane much safer to use than it would be otherwise. For that matter, the ability to smell the propane gas — should it leak for some reason — ensures that you won’t lose money through a gas leakage as long as it’s detected quickly. If contained in a cylinder container, propane exists as a liquid or a vapor. Often, propane refills are delivered in the form of these cylinder containers. When the vapor is released from the cylinder, it’s a clean-burning fuel gas. But propane is 270 times more compact as a liquid than a gas, which means that the liquid is most ideal for transportation.

How Propane Is Used In America

As previously mentioned, propane is used in many different ways. It’s actually very commonly used in the agricultural industry today. It’s estimated that 660,000 farmers use propane for irrigation pumps, grain dryers, standby generators and other farm equipment. Propane is actually an essential fuel for crop drying, flame cultivation, fruit ripening, space and water heating and food refrigeration. Different industrial sites also rely upon propane for their various needs. These include space heating, soldering, brazing, cutting, heat treating, annealing, vulcanizing, and plenty of other applications. Petrochemical industries in particular use propane to manufacture plastics. Again, however — propane can just as easily be used to heat and run residential homes. It isn’t simply meant for industrial purposes — and one of the reasons why it’s so useful is that it’s actually fairly readily available.

Where We Get Our Propane From

Propane can sometimes seem too good to be true — where do these propane refills come from, what makes them affordable, and how can we get our hands on more? The fact is that propane is closer and more available than you might think. It’s estimated that about 90% of America’s propane supply is produced domestically; 70% of the remaining supply is imported from Canada and Mexico. About equal amounts of propane is mined from crude oil and natural gas processing. It’s therefore very available, with its environmental benefits being widely recognized. Take advantage of the availability of propane — whether for residential or industrial purposes. It’s here for your use.

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