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Propane AutogasThe Pros and The Pros!

Cooking with gas

Propane autogas is the name commonly used for liquified petroleum gas. A mixture of propane and butane, it is the fuel typically used for certain vehicles as well as generators.

Propane autogas provides benefits for residential propane customers that aren’t offered with other types of fuels. Because of the fact that it reduces exhaust emissions in vehicles by about 15% it is considered to be a green fuel. Propane facts include several that people typically ask about. To begin with, propane autogas is used in many residential homes for not only cooking purposes, both indoor and outdoor, but also for space heating, water, clothes drying, and also as a backup power.

Propane uses are also prevalent in 350,000 industrial sites to power the

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Are You Ready to Update the Furniture in Your Home?

Contemporary leather sofas

With the exception of the beds and desks that are in your daughters’ rooms, every piece of furniture in your home is older than you children. You have taken good care of the quality furniture pieces that you own, and you have even recovered a couple of pieces, but there is no denying that your home could use an update.
While you were saving money for the girls’ college accounts and helping them with the extra expenses of getting through college it never seemed like you had anything extra to consider such luxuries as a new contemporary Italian furniture, but now that both of the girls have finished their degrees and are living on their own you feel as if it time to do something for yourself.
This desire for furniture updates sta

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