Are You Ready to Update the Furniture in Your Home?

Contemporary leather sofas

With the exception of the beds and desks that are in your daughters’ rooms, every piece of furniture in your home is older than you children. You have taken good care of the quality furniture pieces that you own, and you have even recovered a couple of pieces, but there is no denying that your home could use an update.
While you were saving money for the girls’ college accounts and helping them with the extra expenses of getting through college it never seemed like you had anything extra to consider such luxuries as a new contemporary Italian furniture, but now that both of the girls have finished their degrees and are living on their own you feel as if it time to do something for yourself.
This desire for furniture updates started when you were looking with your oldest daughter when she was searching for some pieces for her own home. She was asking your opinion between tow pieces in particular, two different chic Italian sofas. One was mostly navy, the other was a more bold orange color. You personally would have selected the more conservative navy color, but your daughter was trying to decide if she was a little wild and selected the orange, could she still find other pieces that would look nice in the room. Or, would she have to go with the calmer of the the two chic Italian sofas so that she could find matching pieces.
Standing in that show room, surrounded by stylish Italian sofas and other pieces of contemporary European furniture got you thinking about how old and how dull your own home furnishings were. You likely would never get your husband to consider the chic Italian sofas that your daughter was considering, but even in this room there were some contemporary leather sofas that would appeal to his tastes.
During the next few weeks you kept asking yourself why you had not updated your furniture in the past, and realizing that most of your excuses were no longer true, you announced to your husband that next Saturday was the day that you would start shopping for some new pieces. You invited him to come along, and you hoped that he would, but even if he stayed at home you were going to start the process.
New Furniture Can Help You Update Even the Oldest Homes
You do not have to have your eye on the most modern chic Italian sofas to make the decision to update the your home. In fact, new furniture is available in all styles, from traditional and classic designs to modern, brightly colored items. For some home owners furniture changes and updates come at the same time that major renovations are made. This, however, does not have to be the case. Even without spending the money to make major upgrades to the construction of your house, new furniture can make you feel as if you are walking into a new house.
Research indicates that furniture and home furnishings stores generated as much as $101.41 billion in sales in the year 2013. In fact, most studies indicate that furniture sales have showed steady growth in the last few years. More specifically, in 1992, furniture and home furnishing stores sales amounted to about $52.34 billion. By the year 2013, however, they topped our at the $101.41 billion mark.
If you have been out furniture shopping lately, you know that buying quality furniture can be expensive. For instance, furniture is typically the third most expensive thing a person will ever buy; the first two are a house and a car. Even though the price ranges can vary, however, many people soon realize that paying for quality is usually the best idea. Although some people change their furniture rather frequently, most people see furniture as a long term investment. With this in mind it is important to shop around to make sure that you understand the difference between a quality piece of furniture and a cheap one.
For some buyers there is no smarter buy than fine leather furniture because it is easy to care for. Experts recommend using a conditioner every six to 12 months and immediately wiping up spills with a clean cloth.

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