Propane AutogasThe Pros and The Pros!

Cooking with gas

Propane autogas is the name commonly used for liquified petroleum gas. A mixture of propane and butane, it is the fuel typically used for certain vehicles as well as generators.

Propane autogas provides benefits for residential propane customers that aren’t offered with other types of fuels. Because of the fact that it reduces exhaust emissions in vehicles by about 15% it is considered to be a green fuel. Propane facts include several that people typically ask about. To begin with, propane autogas is used in many residential homes for not only cooking purposes, both indoor and outdoor, but also for space heating, water, clothes drying, and also as a backup power.

Propane uses are also prevalent in 350,000 industrial sites to power their equipment; for instance, it is used to run tools for vulcanizing, soldering, cutting, heat treating, and more. In addition, propane autogas is used by petrochemical industries in their manufacture of plastics.

The United States manufactures 90% of its own propane supply. 70% of what remains is brought in from Mexico and Canada. 50% each of natural gas and refined crude oil are what makes up propane, which makes it not only an easily accessible commodity, but also clean energy beneficial to the public and the environment in many ways.

Professional landscape equipment is largely run by propane autogas. Riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, and stand-on mowers are now being run by propane. Because of its contribution to a clean environment, many professional landscapers are even converting their existing equipment over to propane autogas.

Propane energy has become widely used in the field of transportation, expressly because of its proven benefits to the atmosphere in addition to being a cost efficient fuel. In 2012, more than 23 million vehicles were fueled with propane autogas. Vehicles that typically use propane fuel are buses, taxis, certain trucks, police cars, government vehicles, and shuttle vehicles.

Propane fuel is also widely recommended for new home construction as well as for homeowners planning to upgrade their kitchens with appliances that will make their home more energy efficient. A newly built or remodeled home that includes a switch over to propane autogas provides cleaner, more cost-effective power. People who are choosing to upgrade their home’s fireplace are also turning to propane gas. A propane fueled fireplace is another step toward insuring cleaner air within the home, and protecting the health of the family.

Propane can be either in the form of a liquid or a gas. It is transported from place to place in protective cylinders. When the temperature coupled with the atmospheric pressure reach above -44 degrees Farenheit, the propane transitions into a gas which is both odorless and colorless. For safety purposes, an established odor is added for easy detection.

When used to power residential furnaces, propane autogas delivers clean, comfortable, cost-efficient warmth. When comparing it with other home heating sources, homeowners find that a furnace run on propane gas is not only less expensive in the long run, as is proven by subsequent heating bills, but it is also much less expensive to install. The savings begin right from the get-go!

The time was when every home furnace was fueled by heating oil, and, for many people, this is still the case. Heating oil has not lost its place in the hearts of all homeowners; but, time, technology, and fuel itself have changed and branched out to include other sources. Propane, for one, provides new benefits that heating oil just cannot match. Propane, as mentioned already, drastically lowers a home’s energy costs. It produces much lower harmful emissions than does, not only heating oil, but electric heating as well. Propane is easy to find and always stored on site where it will always be attainable. Last, but not least, and certainly not the end of the line, propane provides all around efficiency for not only heating, but kitchen appliances and fireplaces as well. The entire home can benefit from the use of this clean, cost effective energy source. Propane is not limited to just one type of use.

There are many additional uses for propane autogas that can be discussed with representatives from companies that provide propane services. All it takes is a phone call to start to realize the benefits available by making this choice.

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