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Believe it or Not, You Can Install Your Own Tile

Mosaic tiles for backsplash

Until you really get into the process of renovating and sprucing up your home you might not realize how easy it is to do some of the stuff yourself. It’s always best to leave anything too technical up to the professionals, but things like replacing your own shower floor tile are the types of projects you can not only do on your own, but you might find that you really enjoy the process.

When you own a home there a couple different reasons to take part in renovations. One being that it just looks nice which will help you enjoy your daily life a bit more. The other being that it can increase the worth of the home if you ever plan on selling again down the line. The average bathroom remodel offers an 86.4 percent return on investment (or ROI), while even the most minor kitchen remodels can offer an

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The Second Most Common Source Of Lung Cancer May Be Present In Your Own Home Radon Gas Testing

Local radon mitigation company

Everyone wants to keep their family safe. People will take great care to reduce the risk brought to their children and loved ones, from saving up money in case of a potential accident to actively maintaining their car to keep their transportation options open. Whatever way you cultivate your own security, one of the most notable concerns on many a homeowners’ mind is that of radon gas exposure. Odorless and colorless, this harmful chemical has been discovered in millions of American homes and provides a notable risk of lung cancer if not removed.

What Is Radon Gas?

It’s important to be aware of the dangers present in your home. While the outside is host to a variety of airborne pollutants and diseases, studies have actually found your house can be even more hazardou

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