6 Household Items That Need Constant Replacement

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You want your house and home to be your safe heaven. You want to feel safe, happy, healthy, and protected when you’re home right? If you do, you’ll need to look at all the appliances and items in your home and making sure that they’re all running well and aren’t past their expiration dates. That goes from fire extinguisher recharge to the sponges in your kitchen and bathroom.

If you need help with this task, this post is here to help you. Here are 6 household appliances and items that should be regularly updated and replaced in order to ensure your health and happiness.

  1. Smoke Detector
    This first appliance that you’ll need to check is your smoke detector. At first, it’s important to check the device and see if it’s still working. If it isn’t, you need to change the batteries. On top of that, you’ll need to replace the smoke detector. In fact, its recommended that you replace your smoke detectors every ten years and you should check to see if they’re working every month. Fire protection is an important endeavor, and you want to make sure that you’re covered.
  2. Pillows and Mattresses
    It’s also a good idea to regularly switch out your pillows and mattresses. For your pillows, it’s best to replace them between every 6 months and every 2 years. Why? Because, as you use your pillows longer they collect lots of disgusting things like dust mites, dead skins, oil, and bacteria. This can lead to a bunch problems like increased allergies or even illness. Changing your pillows will decrease the health risk and increase your comfort.

    In addition, there’s mattresses. You’ll need to change your mattresses every 10 years or so in order to stay comfortable in your bed. Perhaps you can replace your mattress at the same you replace your smoke detector. Old mattresses can become hard, so if you’re feeling aches and pains after sleeping you might want to change your mattress.
  3. Air Conditioning Filter
    Next, you should replace your air conditioning filter between every month to every three months. The reason being that your air condition is supposed to be collecting and trapping dirty air particles that float around your house. This keeps them from being breathed in by you and also from going into places they shouldn’t such as a furnace. So, it would be best to continuously replace your filter so that the old one doesn’t either fail to catch the particles or ends up sending them out into the air in your house.
  4. Fire Extinguisher
    Next, it’s important that you look into fire extinguisher recharge. The fire extinguisher has a broad expiration time of somewhere between 5 to 15 years. As such, it’s best that you continuously inspect the tool. Meaning, you must regularly go through fire extinguisher inspections. If it’s time has come up or if there’s something wrong with it, you’ll want to make sure that the product is taken care of. Find fire extinguisher services that are willing to handle a fire extinguisher recharge or replacement.
  5. Children’s Car Seat
    Did you know that children’s car seats have expiration dates? Specifically, you should replace car seats after 5-6 years from when the seat was created. Also, you should replace a car seat after going through a car accident as well. That means that even if you have a few kids and you want to use that seat between those kids, you might have to get a new seat anyway. Keeping your kids safe is the most important part of your life, so keeping an old car seat that can wear and tear over the years, thus putting your child at risk, is not something you want.
  6. Sponges
    It’s important that you also regularly replace the sponges in your house. This counts for sponges in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The reason being that as you keep using them the sponges will collect dozens of bacteria that you’ll then spread to over surfaces. Keep this from happening by changing your sponges once a week, or microwaving the sponge.

It’s important that you keep your home and family safe and healthy. To do so, remember to look into everything from a fire extinguisher recharge to replacing your sponges.

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