Proper Air Compressor Repair Suggestions

Compressed air system design

Compressed air serves many purposes. It is likely that you are currently benefiting from some form of compressed air, either in your home or your business. Although air compressors are typically used in a commercial business setting, they also serve purpose in the residential setting, as well. Compressed air systems can be cost savers and can provide you with more efficient of energy, as long as they are used properly and maintained correctly.

Fix even the smallest of air leaks
The benefit of the air compressor is to output a strong pressure of air or electricity. This energy reduces energy bills and increases efficiency because of how it is set up. However, if there are holes or leaks in the air compressor pipes, it can get very expensive. Compressed air system leaks can be costly, a one eights inch diameter hole in a 100 psi system can cost you more than $1,200 per year in wasted energy, so it is worth maintenance time to fix all sizeable leaks.

In addition to simply fixing all air leaks, it is also necessary to fix them correctly. With the high amount of pressure that air compressors put out, it is possible to cause more damage if you do not use the correct sizing of clamps. Also, clamps should only be a temporary correction. Cushion clamps should be used to hold the pressurized air in the air compressor pipes until they can be completely replaced or repaired by a professional.

Replace air compressor when needed
Although repairs to the air compressor by way of strut cushion clamps can extend the life of the compressor, you may require a new compressor system soon. You can evaluate the need for a new air compressor by consistent monitoring of the amount of pressure lost. If pressure loss is greater than 10%, evaluate your distribution system and identify areas causing excessive pressure drops. Every two pounds per square inch decrease in compressor pressure will reduce your operating costs 1.5%. By these calculations, it can actually be more cost efficient to replace the air compressor system if the pressure losses are too great.

Reduce air compressor temperatures
Many professionals believe that you can extend the life of your air compressor by reducing the temperature of the intake air. When intaking cooler air, which is more dense, compressors use less energy to produce the required pressure. For example, if 90 degree F intake air is tempered with cooler air from another source to 70 degree F, the 20 degree F temperature drop will lower operating costs by almost 3.8%. Not only will you extend the life of your air compressor, but you will also significantly cut the costs of your electrical use.

Proper cleaning of air compressors
Just as with any other tool or machinery process, proper cleaning is necessary. Over time, the machine builds up with debris and this excess debris can cause it to malfunction. It can also affect its current efficiency. Proper cleaning should be completed after every single usage, ensuring that all traces of metal and exterior debris are removed. If water was used, the air compressor should be completely dried out before storage, otherwise mold and other harmful bacteria can grow into it. The air fittings should also be properly cleaned between uses.

Air compressors are a necessary part of many commercial and residential properties. If you are benefiting from an air compressor, ensure that you are taking the necessary maintenance and repair precautions. Air compressors can be expensive, but they can also greatly reduce electrical and energy costs, making them well worth it. You can make them even more cost efficient by reducing maintenance costs with proper handling and cleaning. Use correct sizing of clamps to complete necessary repairs. Know when it is time to fully replace your air compressor system.

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