Important Considerations Before Purchasing a Sleeper Sofa

Interior design

One of the most important purchases within the home is furniture. It is an exciting time when you think about purchasing new decor. One of the most popular items of furniture is the sofa. Research shows that an average sofa will last between seven to 15 years. A popular type of sofa is the sleeper sofa. This sofa is made to fold out into a bed which gives it more than one purpose. In this post, you will learn important considerations to make before purchasing your next sleeper sofa.

  • More for Sleeping or Sitting: The first thing to think about is if a sleeper sofa will primarily be used as a sofa or bed. Either situation is perfectly fine, as this is what these pieces of furniture are designed for. If you are planning to sleep on this sofa, you’ll want to find a thick and soft material. Sleeper sofas that are used for more sitting won’t have to adhere to requirements that are as stringent.
  • Space Concerns: Another important concern is the space you have in your home. As is seen with beds, sleeper sofas will have different sizes. Any interior redesign can quickly be ruined by having furniture that is too large for a room. The typical size of a twin mattress in sleeper sofas is about 54 inches wide, once opened. A queen size sleeper will run about 85 inches wide when folded out. It is wise to measure the space for a sofa and consider those needs when looking at furniture stores.
  • Material Preferences: Recent research shows that over half of all homeowners did some form of renovating in 2014, as reported by Houzz. One great factor of effective interior design is the right furniture. It is wise to choose a material that you are preferable to when selecting a sleeper sofa. You can even be an interior designer in your home with the wide variety of colors these sofas come in.
  • In closing, there are several considerations to makes before purchasing a sleeper sofa. Choosing to have a sleeper sofa is having a bed and sofa combo that homeowners love. One study found that 47 percent of people in the United States have not updated their furniture in the last five years. If you are in need of a quick addition to ramp up the look of a room, a sleeper sofa is a perfect pick.

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