Three Reasons to Consider a New HVAC Unit

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It might seem odd that a newer air conditioning unit can save you money. However, homes with older AC units will benefit from newer and more energy efficient systems. In many cases, homeowners are surprised at how much savings newer HVAC systems provide. In this article, you will learn three ways a new air conditioner can save on bills.

  1. Saves on Monthly Utility Bills: Making the switch to a high efficiency air conditioner can drastically lower your utility bill. Air conditioning installations are usually completed within a quick time. Afterward, you can enjoy the fresh and cool air circulating through your home. Newer air conditioners will be used less often due to their efficient cooling. Running an AC unit less often reduces output on your utility meter.
  2. More Efficient Cooling of Home: Contractors can easily install a new AC unit that will greatly improve how cool your home is. In many cases, homeowners are surprised that they can keep newer units turned on less frequently. Older units are often on around the clock which only increases monthly utility bills. Implementing a new, energy efficient air conditioner will slash utility bills over time. One study found that high efficiency AC units can lead to 20-50% reduction in energy use within the home.
  3. Reduces Spending on Further Repairs: If you recently spent money trying to keep an older AC unit in working condition, you are not alone. Recent research shows that air conditioners cost homeowners in America over $11 billion annually. Older homes will have older air conditioning systems within them. Older homes will contain work from contractors that have used equipment from the past. A newer air conditioning unit in your home means utilizing new HVAC technology. In turn, these new systems operate in a smarter, more efficient manner.

In closing, there are several ways a new AC unit will help you save money. A newer air conditioning unit will operate extremely efficiently. In turn, you will need to have the system on less frequently to provide efficient cooling of your home. One problem for an older AC unit can mean further repairs, if left untreated.

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