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Are You Getting Ready to Install a Backyard Pool?


Summer Solstice.
The longest day of the year.
When your two daughters learned of the technical term for the longest daylight day that lands in the third week of June, they insisted that they needed to have a party. Fortunately, their scientific vocabulary discovery happened early in the month so they had plenty of time to plan. They created a guest list, a food list, a schedule, and even a lost of pool toys that they wanted to have for their appropriately named Solstice with the Mostest!
While the girls were busy making their festive plans, you decided to embrace their enthusiasm and started making some plans yourself. You had a few minor pool renovations that you wanted to make, so you decided this would be the perfect time. At the beginning of last summer you had some pool resurfacing done, so that major

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3 Ways To Prevent Pest Infestations In Your Home

Household pest control tips

“Pests” refer to annoying insects or animals that cause a disturbance to your environment, be it destroying the plants and fruits in your garden, or damaging your actual home, such as in the case of termites. There are several pests that can come into your home or environment and cause destruction or even bring in disease, that we need to watch for. It’s reported that over $2 billion is spent per year dealing with termite infestations in America. That’s a ton of money! If you’re looking for advice on what to do if you have an infestation or want to prevent one, here are three things to keep in mind. If all else fails, you might need a pest control service.

1. Keep wood at bay to prevent termites

During the cooler winter months, you might be relying on firewood for your family’s fireplac

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3 Hot Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Glass tile patterns

Whether you have just moved in, are redecorating, or you are getting ready to sell, updating one of the most important rooms with kitchen backsplash designs can make a big difference in the look of your home. That’s why most people choose the kitchen to start with small projects. One study noted that remodels in the kitchen provided an 82.7% return on investment. It is a relatively easy area to update and you can even do it yourself. Consider some of these designs for your next new look.

1. Kitchen backsplash glass tiles. The sleek and shiny look of glass tile backsplash patterns can be used with just about any design style. Tiles come in larger shapes like subway tile sizes or you can get small penny-si

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Best Self Service Movers

Welcome Columbus, This web site brings you news, weather and stock prices and well as Columbus news and info about the best self service movers around Ohio

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