3 Hot Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Glass tile patterns

Whether you have just moved in, are redecorating, or you are getting ready to sell, updating one of the most important rooms with kitchen backsplash designs can make a big difference in the look of your home. That’s why most people choose the kitchen to start with small projects. One study noted that remodels in the kitchen provided an 82.7% return on investment. It is a relatively easy area to update and you can even do it yourself. Consider some of these designs for your next new look.

1. Kitchen backsplash glass tiles. The sleek and shiny look of glass tile backsplash patterns can be used with just about any design style. Tiles come in larger shapes like subway tile sizes or you can get small penny-sized tiles for detail work. Subway tiles are considered any rectangular tile where the length is at least two times the height. The first step will be to determine the total area for your kitchen backsplash design and then select materials from there. Measure the area and round it up one square foot, then add about 10-15% for waste and broken tiles.

2. Stone kitchen backsplash. Stone backsplash tiles have become incredibly popular as people work to emulate country, barn, natural, Renaissance, and minimal looks. Kitchen backsplash designs with stone are durable, easy to clean, and provide a variety of textures to an otherwise flat area.

3. Mosaic tile designs. Mosaic designs are some of the most ornate and intricate of all backsplash designs. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an artist to get the look yourself. A stencil can be used to draw the design on the wall, and then you place cut up pieces of tile in section. Think of a paint-by-number with pieces of ceramic or mosaic. The kitchen backsplash designs you can come up with this method are unlimited.

4. Wood kitchen backsplashes. The wood look is also very popular in the kitchen these days with old barn wood being the most popular. However, some wood is rough and difficult to clean. Fortunately, manufacturers do a great job keeping up with the high-end trends and have created a wide variety of ceramic tiles to look like wood. There are oaks, dark woods, red woods, bamboo, and barn style to fit every possible design.

5. Ceramic tile designs. Many families want to personalize their kitchens with elements from the family. Consider doing your kitchen backsplash in ceramic tiles and then incorporate a few hand-painted tiles in the mix. You can do handprints from the children, get tiles with photos on them, or add favorite phrases and sayings. This will ensure your kitchen is truly the heart of your home.

These design ideas should help get you thinking about the different ways to spruce up your kitchen backsplash. Be creative, do some research, find a top source for tiles online, and be confident that installing a new kitchen backsplash is well within your capabilities.

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