Are You Getting Ready to Install a Backyard Pool?


Summer Solstice.
The longest day of the year.
When your two daughters learned of the technical term for the longest daylight day that lands in the third week of June, they insisted that they needed to have a party. Fortunately, their scientific vocabulary discovery happened early in the month so they had plenty of time to plan. They created a guest list, a food list, a schedule, and even a lost of pool toys that they wanted to have for their appropriately named Solstice with the Mostest!
While the girls were busy making their festive plans, you decided to embrace their enthusiasm and started making some plans yourself. You had a few minor pool renovations that you wanted to make, so you decided this would be the perfect time. At the beginning of last summer you had some pool resurfacing done, so that major project was complete. As soon as the temperatures warmed last spring you convinced your husband to consider several outdoor kitchen plans, as well as a hot tub. Those two projects were expensive, but they both turned out great. With the major expenses out of the way, the minor pool renovations that were left were small, but the Solstice with the Mostest event was a perfect motivation.
Home Owners Who Install Residential Pools Enjoy Summer After Summer of Fun
Whether you are talking to pool contractors about a pool screen, resurfacing, or a new installation, you are likely excited about the process. Family pool time can provide a way to keep your kids at home, get to know their friends, and get in some extra exercise.
While many families are all too happy to have their children hang out at someone else’s place, other families are happy to have all of the action at their own home. From a party celebrating the longest day of the summer to weekend get togethers after baseball and softball games, pools provide a great gathering spot. With attention to weekly upkeep, as well as needed pool renovations, a pool can be a worthwhile investment that is easy to maintain.
Teenagers love to be outside and enjoy athletic activities. A pool is the answer to both of these wishes. With a few simple ground rules in place, families can enjoy the company of their children’s friends and know that everyone is having a safe and fun time.
Consider some of these statistics about the swimming pool renovatoins and construction industry:

  • Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for U.S. children and teenagers between the ages of seven and 17.
  • Using a salt water treatment plan, home owners can avoid the use of chlorine.
  • Maximum pool safety should obviously be a priority. By installing four-sided isolation fencing that is at least five feet high and equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates, for instance is the recommendation that most follow. Knowing that the fence completely surrounds the pool and prevents direct access from the house and yard meets the need of most home owner policies, as well as keeping parents satisfied.
  • Most above ground pool liners will typically last six to 10 years.
  • Estimates indicate that 38% of inground pools have diving boards.
  • Realizing that pool plaster slowly degrade over time, lets you know that some pool renovations will evntually be required. Staining and etching, for instance, are common, so after 10 to15 years, the surface will degrade to a rough and ugly state. Applying a new coat of plaster, however, can revive the whole pool.

  • Swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity for people of all ages in the U.S.
  • Only 15% of pools do not use chlorine to sanitize, while 85% do.
  • Liners for inground pools typically last five to 12 years.
  • Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise because athletes are moving against the resistance of the water, which is ten times greater than the resistance of air.
  • Temperatures in the 90s and 100s make for excellent pool days.
  • In a 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends study, 83% of respondents indicate that a backyard ?an ideal entertaining space.?
  • Contractors offer various products and prices.
  • Every day can be a party at your house if you have a swimming pool in the backyard. Are you ready for summer?

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