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Three Ways to Add Storage to Your Bathroom

Shower floor tile

Finding storage space in the bathroom isn’t easy for every homeowner. Many homes have smaller bathrooms. It is tough to find adequate storage in a cramped bathroom space. Knowing how to make the most out of smaller rooms will reduce the stress of a crowded space. In this post, you will learn three tips for increasing the storage space of your bathroom.

  1. Clearing Cluttered Countertops

    The counter is a place where many homeowners run out of space. You can greatly increase the space of your bathroom by cleaning the counters. Ceramic tile countertops are meant to be shown off not a place for clutter. Check beauty items to see which are past the expiration date. You’ll be surprised at how quickly counter

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Making Recycling a Part of Your Lifestyle


Recycling has become a way of life for many people, and it’s about time. It’s a very small step to take to live a more earth friendly lifestyle, and the small effort has a big payoff. In the effort to reduce our individual carbon footprints, your local waste management company has a big role to play. By recycling as much as possible, they’re also helping to reuse materials and reduce the environmental and economic costs of producing more plastics, glass and paper from new raw materials.

Why recycling is a big deal
We’re in the middle of a generational and cultural shift, away from the wasteful practices of the twentieth century. The throwaway culture with

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Renting Out Your Property? Remember These Importance Necessities

High pressure decorative laminate

Are you considering renting out your residence? There is currently a high demand for rental properties. Renting out a property allows you to quickly pay down a mortgage and sometimes, collect a profit as well. However, renting out a property does require some amount of work. State laws require that you provide a safe and healthy residence to tenants. Additionally, tenants expect certain features in a house. As you prepare to rent your property, remember the following important housing features.

Safety is extremely important
Not only do tenants expect a safe residence, you are also required legally to provide a safe living place. You can ensure that your residence is safe enough for renting by doing a walkthrough. Pay attention to any parts of the house that

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Planning to Have New Flooring Installed? Consider the Advantages of Solid Strand Bamboo Flooring!

Benefits of bamboo flooring

Are you weighing your flooring options? Have you considered the advantages of Solid Strand bamboo flooring over other types of materials?

Bamboo and Sustainability

If you’re not familiar with bamboo as a flooring material, you may be interested to know that this is a sustainable product. Bamboo has a root system that is similar to your lawn. It sends up new shoots every year, and after 5 to 6 years, these develop into culms.

Due to their color consistency, strength, and density, these culms are useful for a variety of commercial purposes, flooring included. Since just 16% to 20% of an annual bamboo crop is harvested, this leaves the remaining forest untouched.

Janka Ratings for Bamboo versus Traditional Flooring

Bamboo is a popular flooring choice for a v

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Home Energy Tips From Thermostat Settings to Upgraded Residential Generators

Generator installation parkesburg

Were you aware that most of the energy you use is to heat and cool your home? For an average home in the United States, approximately 48% of energy usage is for this purpose. As a result, this usually accounts for the largest energy expense for most households.

Some Tips on Thermostat Settings

Experts have several recommendations to maintain comfortable home temperatures throughout the year. During winter, for example, it is advised to keep your thermostat set to 68 to 70 degrees during the day, and 65 to 68 degrees during the night.

When you follow expert guidelines for thermostat settings, it can also save on heating costs. Furthermore, if you’re planning to be away on vacation for the winter, keeping your thermostat set to 60 degrees will actually save you money.

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