Modern Plumbing Repairs With Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Drain cleaning

Plumbing problems can be disastrous to a home. Depending on the extent of the problem, the plumbing repairs can get very expensive and very time consuming. Some plumbing repairs even require underground work, which means that the entire foundation and land that your house sits on has to be dug up. Fortunately, a newer and more convenient type of plumbing, the trenchless sewer repair, is easier to repair and tends to be a more affordable plumbing option.

Common types of repairs

The most type of plumbing problems that are repaired with trenchless sewer repairs are pipes bursting and cracking. Normally, when a plumbing pipe located underground cracks, it causes a great amount of flooding. To repair this pipe, contractors once had to dig up the area and manually repair it. However, with trenchless sewer repair techniques, the work can be done from above ground. The best local plumbers can usually repair the crack or leak within a couple of hours, preventing the additional foundational work.

How does it work?

Trenchless sewer repair requires underground vision properties. It is usually completed by an emergency plumber, as the crack or leak needs to be repaired before further damage is caused to the ground. The underground vision allows the plumbing companies to see where they are directing the repair tool. The piping is then inflated and repaired, without ever digging up a trench. Although it requires special tools, the costs associated with trenchless sewer repairs are much cheaper than a full underground sewer repair. For example, a 2,000 square foot home that experiences a one inch flood of water from plumbing problems may face about $20,920 in damages.

Choosing a qualified plumbing contractor

Although trenchless sewer repairs are more convenient and do not require underground digging to the same extent, it must still be completed by a qualified and experienced plumbing contractor. In order to obtain a plumbing license, the Illinois Department of Public Health requires individuals pass a state licensing exam after working under a plumber as a licensed apprentice for a 48 to 72 month period. Hiring a licensed plumbing contractor ensures that your trenchless sewer repair contactor has familiarity with the trenchless repairs.

Understanding sewer regulations

Sometimes trenchless sewer repairs are used to maintain and remove outdated plumbing systems. Another important reason to have a licensed plumbing contractor is to ensure that you are properly following city and state sewer regulations. For example, the state of Illinois requires that all piping more than five feet from a building?s foundation used for moving waste water be considered part of the septic system. It does not matter if the system is moved or changed for its purpose during the plumbing or repair process. The regulations must still be followed and trenchless sewer repair techniques can ensure that they are.

Trenchless inspections

Plumbing systems are often the most unknown systems when purchasing a new house. It is likely that you schedule a home inspection, but many home inspectors are unable to fully inspect the plumbing system, because much of it is underground. The same trenchless system that is used for sewer repairs can also be used to evaluate a home?s current sewer system. Request these services of your local plumbing contractor to get a better idea of your new home?s plumbing system.

Plumbing repairs are one of the most expensive home repairs you will make. This is because they often require that the contractor dig underground for access to the plumbing system. The new process of trenchless sewer repair which is only used by the most experienced of plumbing contractors is a method that minimizing ground digging. This results in a cheaper and faster plumbing repair. This system can also give you a better idea of a new home?s plumbing condition.

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