Three Ways to Add Storage to Your Bathroom

Shower floor tile

Finding storage space in the bathroom isn’t easy for every homeowner. Many homes have smaller bathrooms. It is tough to find adequate storage in a cramped bathroom space. Knowing how to make the most out of smaller rooms will reduce the stress of a crowded space. In this post, you will learn three tips for increasing the storage space of your bathroom.

  1. Clearing Cluttered Countertops

    The counter is a place where many homeowners run out of space. You can greatly increase the space of your bathroom by cleaning the counters. Ceramic tile countertops are meant to be shown off not a place for clutter. Check beauty items to see which are past the expiration date. You’ll be surprised at how quickly counter space clears up when old items are tossed out. While you are throwing away items, it’s a great time to think about a counter renovation. Many homeowners love the look of a tile bathroom countertop. Ceramic tile for a bathroom is available in many different options. Subway tiles are a great tile bathroom countertop choice. Subway tiles are any tiles with a length that is twice the amount of a tiles height. White subway tile is especially popular in bathrooms. As a rule of thumb, one square foot equals eight 3 by 6 inch subway tiles.
  2. Make Use of Shelving Units

    It’s great to make use of vertical space within your home. One of the great ways to increase storage is to use shelving units. It’s easy to find shelves that work well with the colors of your bathroom. You can use shelving units for linens and other bathroom related items. Using shelving keeps other areas of the bathroom less cluttered. You may find shelving that matches ceramic tile for a bathroom that you’ve chosen. There is even ceramic tile that looks like wood. Many homeowners love the look of hardwood without dealing with warping issues.
  3. A Bathtub Caddy is Great for Quick Storage

    Not all storage solutions need to be expensive. One great item to use is a bathtub caddy. These items are perfect for keeping items safe during a bath. You can use the caddy to store items when not in use. A caddy looks great laying next to a tile bathroom countertop.

In closing, there are several ways to increase the storage of your bathroom. One great way to increase storage is to clean your countertops. You’ll be amazed at how much space you receive from having a good bathroom cleaning. You’ll want to include tiles on your countertop that have the right PEI rating. A PEI rating is a 1-5 rating system that specifies how hard tile is. A tile with a PEI rating of 5 is made to be the strongest type of tile. Shelving units are great for adding storage space to any bathroom. A bathtub caddy is great for storing smaller items and keeping them out of the water. Following the previously mentioned tips will ensure your bathroom has adequate storage space.

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