Don’t Deal With A High Energy Bill Ever Again Try These Useful Energy-Saving Tips

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How well do you know your air conditioning system? If your knowledge is limited to your energy bill…it’s more than a little possible you’re overdue for a check-up. These systems aren’t just limited to altering your home’s temperature. They’re a necessary function for a healthy and comfortable home. They heat you up when it’s cold, cool you off when it’s hot and clear up nasty contaminants in your air that can make you sick. When your air conditioning unit is over a decade old? You could even be wasting your hard-earned money.

Don’t let ignorance be your undoing. Your air conditioning service should be supporting you in all aspects of life, starting with the very top of this list.

Nearly Every Home Has An Air Conditioner

On the plus side? Around two-thirds of all American homes are home to a central air conditioning system. The downside? That means there are a lot of people wasting money without even realizing it. Air conditioners use up to 5% of all electricity produced in the country, you see, and the cost to the economy easily reaches $11 billion or more every year. How can you make sure you’re not one of millions of Americans losing money bit-by-bit?

Heed Every Warning Sign You See, Hear Or Smell

Does your air conditioning system sometimes make strange chugging, clanking or creaking noises? Have you noticed an excess of dust every time you turn it on? Every warning sign should be taken seriously to ensure you’re not doing yourself some extra damage every time you just want to cool down during a sweltering summer day. Excessive dust can be a sign of leaky ducts that need a change and weird noises could mean you have a broken part.

Double-Check The Age Of Your HVAC System

The age of your air conditioning system can be one of the most significant signs you need a check-up. Although an air conditioning unit can last up to 15 or 20 years, it’s recommended you start looking into your local air conditioning repair company for an upgrade once you hit the coveted decade. Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners (on top of other day-to-day good habits) can save you an impressive 20% on your energy bill. What qualifies as good habits? Let’s take a look.

Practice Energy Saving Measures Weekly

It’s not just a good air conditioning system that keeps your wallet happy. It’s being smart about how you interact with your heating and cooling expenses week after week. A programmable thermostat is perfect for the winter months. These are designed to shut off after a certain temperature is reached and can even be timed when you leave the house. This means no more surprise energy spikes when you come back from work. A local air conditioning repair company is more than familiar with the issues that keep your home from being at its best.

Install A New Air Conditioning System

Sometimes you just need to call it quits and start over new. Your heating and cooling equipment becomes less efficient over time and can end up costing you money no matter how conservative you are whenever you touch the dial. ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners have been found to be 15% more efficient than conventional models. Many American households could also benefit greatly from yearly maintenance, as a mere 40% actually have their central air conditioners checked on a regular basis.

Your local air conditioning repair company has everything you need to stop wasting money and start living more comfortably. Be it a simple check-up or a brand new installation that saves you much more in the long run, you can finally put your finances back where they need to be.

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