How Your Exposure to Community Noise Could Be Having a Negative Effect on Your Health — and What You Can Do About It

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If you live in a densely populated area and have thin walls, you know what a pain it can be to hear every little thing. From street noise and pedestrian noise to goings-on around the home or office, it can all add up. Studies have shown that community noise can be bad for your health too, impacting your cardiovascular health and even the way we learn. If community noise levels get above 40 decibels, the number of heart disease cases increases as well. This is certainly a big concern – but how can we fix it? Changes in construction might be the answer, as well as taking measures in our own homes and offices, to look into soundproofing walls or installing sound absorbing ceiling panels. Marlite wall panels, for example, are a top choice in the industry for reducing noise.

How Can Sound Be Harmful?
Almost 15% of people in the United States — that’s about one in eight people — older than 12 suffer from hearing loss in not just one, but both their ears. And around 15% between the ages of 20 and 69 suffer from high frequency loss, thanks to being exposed to noise at work or purposefully exposing themselves during their pleasure activities.

And being exposed to noise at 85 decibels and beyond for an extended span of time can put you at risk for hearing loss — so if you work with loud machinery, listen to loud music, or frequent concerts, for example, you’ll want to be extra careful.

Sound can also be extremely tiring — constant noise (such as honking horns, shouting, or noise from machinery) can be irritating and stressful, especially if constantly exposed to it.

Where Can a Soundproof Ceiling or Sound Insulation Panels Be Useful?

In commercial buildings where privacy is of the essence — such as hospitals, banks, or schools — soundproofing rooms is essential. It keeps conversations or transactions confidential and reduces distraction. A school where you can hear other classrooms or students doesn’t make for the most focused learning experience. When it comes to hospitals, peace and quiet is often instrumental to recovery, and soundproof rooms can help keep rooms calmer and less noisy.

Concert halls, movie theaters, and other venues that deal with a wide range of acoustics may also be soundproofed, for the benefit of their neighbors, and any other rooms that might have events going on in the same building. Imagine your movie theater experience if you could hear the other movies going on next door!

Marlite wall panels are often a popular choice for reducing noise pollution and many business owners find that the experience they offer visitors with these panels installed is much improved.

On a smaller scale, soundproofing your home also isn’t a bad idea — especially if you have a kid who’s determined to be the next rock star. It can help maximize your family’s privacy and keep the irritants to a minimum.

Why Should One Look at Marlite Wall Panels?

Marlite wall panels do offer soundproofing qualities, by dint of adding extra surfaces. Sound follows the 1% Rule, which says that for every 1% of opening or open area of a surface, 50% of the sound will get through. These wall panels are also quite durable, made of several layers — not just laminate — and have a fiberglass core, so they can stand up to just about anything. In active areas, like hospitals or schools, that’s important.

Furthermore, these panels are more sanitary. Because of their durability, they’re less susceptible to holes, where things can start growing, and are easy to clean. Their installation and sealing procedures also keep them more sanitary and these types of wall panels also usually don’t contain BPA or PVC, for an even safer product.

Give yourself a break when you consider soundproofing your home or office. It can have numerous positive benefits for your health — both physical and mental — and get you the peace and quiet you deserve.

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