How Efficient is your Home Heating System?

Energy efficient heating

Is it time to replace your HVAC unit this winter? It can be difficult to distinguish when it is time to replace your entire heating and cooling unit. Purchasing and installing a new system can be expensive, making it important to get every last use out of your current system. It might be time to replace your HVAC unit if you are experiencing any of the following conditions.

If you constantly need repairs

Are you constantly calling out a service contractor for your heating or cooling system? Once you factor in the high costs of repairs multiple times per year, it might make more sense to purchase a new system that won?t require as frequent of service appointments. You will also want to consider the costs of these repairs. Are the same parts consistently breaking down? Are multiple parts of the HVAC unit breaking? As the cold of winter approaches, would you rather sit back and enjoy your heat or schedule numerous service appointments?

The age of your current HVAC unit

Do you know how old your HVAC unit is? Many homeowners do not. It simply came with the house when they purchased it. Sometimes, you can get an installation date by looking at the unit itself. You can also ask your HVAC unit repairman during a service. They can usually give you an estimation range, based on the type of HVAC unit and the specific model. The average expected lifespan of a furnace is around 20 years. Fortunately, furnaces today are much more efficient and can save you money on monthly utility costs. Furnaces with AFUE ratings between 90 and 95% are considered high efficiency furnaces. These units can cost more up front, but end up saving you money and energy over time and usually have interesting and advanced features.

Your energy bills are consistently increasing

While you can expect somewhat of an increase in heating bills during the winter months, the change should not be too drastic. Too significant of a change can indicate that your HVAC unit is not working properly. If you require boiler repairs or a new furnace installation, the heat system works harder, thus leaving you with a higher utility bill. Work with your local heating and cooling companies to schedule your boiler repair or new furnace installation.

The current efficiency rating of your home

Even if your current HVAC unit is not older than 20 years, it might be less efficient than recommended. Schedule an HVAC home analysis after your HVAC repair or inspection. This service should be scheduled before winter to ensure your home is giving you efficient heat all winter long. A home analysis will inspect the most important parts of your heat system including the gas furnace service and HVAC unit. It will also recommend any needed services like boiler repairs or a new furnace installation. You might need to replace your home?s heating system if it is more than 12 to 15 years old, requires frequent repairs, does not supply sufficient warmth, cycles on and off irregularly, consumes increasing amounts of energy, and emits unusual noises.

Do you know how efficient your home heating system is? Most homeowners do not know this information about their current HVAC system. However, they can identify increases in home heating bills. If your heat bills are regularly increasing, your home is not heating properly, or you require many HVAC repairs throughout the year, it might be time to replace your heat system. Today?s HVAC units are more efficient than ever and can provide you with almost total efficiency.

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