Top 3 Reasons to Consider Installing a Pool This Year


If you’re looking to jazz up your backyard area, why not consider installing a pool? Pools can be used for a variety of activities, from swimming to another fun entertainment space to simply a place to cool down and relax. If you have children, so much the better! Pool parties will make your house the place to be — and it’s a good excuse to have some friends over to entertain while the children are mostly occupied (as long as you have a designated adult watching the pool, of course!). However, if you are thinking about installing a pool, there are some considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. Pool screen enclosures can help keep small children (or pets) from getting too close to the water without supervision, for example. And, there is some upkeep that’s required, whether you install an above-ground or inground pool.

What are Some of the Benefits of Installing a Pool?


Swimming is terrific exercise in terms of cardiovascular health, because it requires you to push against water’s resistance, which is ten times more than air resistance. It’s also “soft” on your body (unlike, for example, running, which can be hard on the knees and ankles) and provides a full body workout. It’s the fourth more popular sport in the United States for good reason — and even better, the most popular recreational activity for kids between the ages of seven and 17, meaning that a pool might help your children be a little more active!


Having a poolside barbecue (with the promise of
being able to jump in the pool later) can make your home the new place to go for entertainment. Plus, it’ll keep both adults and kids occupied and entertained and encourage more time spent together, which is always a plus.

Save Money

If you live in a hot climate and your kids are always clamoring to go the water park, it can get expensive. Save the water park for special occasions and cool down in your pool!

What Safety Features Should I Keep In Mind With a Pool?

Pool screen enclosures are one of the most important safety features. Pool screen enclosures provide a barrier to children or pets who might try to get in unsupervised, reducing the likelihood of an accident. It also keeps wild animals out, which keeps your pool cleaner. It can also grant more privacy and keeps mosquitoes (a concern where Zika virus has sprung up) and other pests away from you as you relax in the pool. Furthermore, it can also keep debris from entering your pool.

Having appropriate signs posted about water safety and water rescue equipment on hand is also important, even if your pool isn’t that large. If you have a lap pool with a deep end, this may even be a requirement in your state.

Make sure that all enclosures, fences, or gates have latches that can be childproofed. A pool alarm is also worth investing in.

What Maintenance is Required With a Pool?

You’ll have to maintain your pool pH to make sure that it’s both comfortable for you to swim in and to ensure that your pool liners and other equipment don’t corrode too quickly. Opening and closing your pool require some maintenance (making sure filters are changed and clean, inspecting liners, etc.,) and you’ll want to keep an eye on tile maintenance and changing liners when they get too old. The general age for an inground pool liner is between five and 12 years; above ground pool liners last between six and 10 years.

Keeping your filter and drain clean and the water level consistent are also necessary. Making a weekly, monthly, and annual checklist for yourself can help streamline the process and make it second nature, so you don’t even think about it.

Though it can require a bit of maintenance and you’ll need to be aware of safety features like pool screen enclosures, the benefits of having a pool outweigh the labor for many people. It can turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis and escape and provide hours of entertainment for free!

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