Why Water Filtration For An RV Is Important

Across the United States, one of the most popular activities for people both young and old are traveling, vacationing, and exploring the great outdoors. Thus, one of the most popular items being bought is an RV. Older people love to get their hands on an RV for long treks and traveling out on the road. However, some people dangerously look over the importance of getting a water filtration for an RV!

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that between 2005-2010, youths in the United States drank an average of 15 ounces of water and United states adults drank an average of 39 ounces of water on a given day. While this is a good amount it is certainly not enough and they need to get their water consumption to rise up. That way, water can help them handle their bodily functions.

The vast majority of Americans, which is equal to nearly 300 million people, get tap water from public water systems. Only 15% receive water from private water systems, which are not subject to government regulation. Water filtration is important in RV’s and in people’s homes. Here are the facts on a great water filtration for an RV.

Water Is Essential For Good Health

The benefits of water treatment on an RV are overwhelming and are important to people’s lives and health. Water makes up about two-thirds of who we are and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body. Buying RV water filter is the best way to provide safe and drinkable water in an RV.

Traveling on an RV means a long time on the move without access to water at home. So if you buy a water filtration system for your home it does not help you on the move. RV water filtration can help people stay healthy and hydrated while on the road. Even mild dehydration can sap your energy, make you tired and affect mental clarity. Be aware that water loss of 9-12% total body weight can be fatal. Studies show that even mild dehydration, between 1-3% of body weight, can impair many aspects of brain function.

Unclean Water Is Incredibly Dangerous

A portable water filtration system may work well but it is not the same as just flat out buying a water filtration for an RV. Unclean water is really dangerous to drink and leads to some scary facts on the rest of the world. For instance, just about 786 million people across the globe do not have access to safe drinking water supplies.
Less than 1% of the water treated by most public water systems is actually used for drinking and cooking. Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water are the two most common minerals that make water hard. Approximately 80% of the country has hard water.

Water Filtration For An RV Is Incredibly Important

Water filters are often measured in microns. The period at the end of this sentence is about 500 microns, depending on your screen size. When considering filter strength, look for an absolute rating, the largest hole, not a nominal rating, the average hole. Both the EPA and CDC recommend an absolute one-micron filter to remove most contaminants.

According to the Water Quality Association, more than 40% of Americans use a home water treatment unit. These units range from simple pitcher-style filters costing less than $20 to sophisticated reverse osmosis units costing hundreds of dollars. Do not let a price tag scare you away from potentially buying a water filtration for an RV. Instead, get yourself a safe piece of equipment that provides safe and clean water.

In Conclusion

It depends on how many contaminants you want to test for, but a home water test can cost from $15 to hundreds of dollars. You can avoid spending all of this money by simply buying a water filtration for an RV and for your home. Then, you are able to access clean and safe water instantly!

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