3 Signs You Need to Call a Plumbing Service

The pipes in your home are hidden from plain sight, so their upkeep might not always be at the forefront of your mind. It is important to keep up with their maintenance, however, as approximately 47% of the up to 36,000 sewer overflows that occur annually in the United States are a result of grease, fat, and oil buildups. Learn common signs that you need to contact plumbers so that you don’t have to face a major situation.

  1. Low Water Pressure: If a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom is unusually low, coming out in drips, or not coming out at all, you can try a couple of things before calling a plumbing service. First try unscrewing the aerator and wiping out any gunk inside. If that doesn’t work you can also try tying a plastic bag of vinegar over the faucet to clear out anything stuck on. After a few hours, this should clear anything you can reasonably take care of. If your water still isn’t coming out in a steady stream, call your plumber. There is likely a more serious issue such as a water leak in the system, a clogged or fractured pipe, or an eroded waterline.
  2. Slow Drainage: With a problem like slow drainage, you can of course try over the counter drain products and plungers, but too much of this DIY solution could lead to permanent damage on your pipes and a much more costly professional fix from plumbers in the future. You will want to solve your stubbornly slow drainage as soon as possible because it could be caused by pooled water in the main drain that hasn’t drained properly or a broken pipe. When this kind of water stays still for too long it is an optimal home for bacteria to grow, which can be a serious health risk. The broken pipe is also a possible entry point for bacteria as it allows water and mold to accumulate behind your walls.
  3. Colored Water: We all know the water coming out of our pipes should be clear, but sometimes if it is cloudy or slightly white we may brush it off. These slight discolorations mean that there is air in your pipes, a situation that should probably be looked at sooner rather than later. If water is coming out brown, yellow, or red, that means there is rust in the pipes, and if it is coming out green, then copper pipes have eroded and blue indicates that the pipes are almost completely corroded. Any of these more extreme colors call for the attention of plumbers immediately.

Plumbing repairs can be costly, but they are necessary in the upkeep of a clean, healthy, and functioning home. When anything surrounding your faucets doesn’t look, sound, or smell right, pick up the phone and call a plumbing company right away.

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