Taking A Look At The Rodent Problem Here In The United States

If you have unwanted rodents in your home or on your property, you are not alone. The need for professional rodent removal services has gone up in recent years, with animal removal calls escalating in many of the major cities all throughout the United States. From rats to squirrels, professional rodent removal is often necessary to humanly remove the rodents from your home – for good.

The necessity for professional rodent removal is really and truly on the rise. In the city of Chicago alone, the calls for professional rodent removal have risen by more than sixty percent in just the last few years alone. And the rodent problem facing the city of Chicago is jut the tip of the iceberg.

In cities like New York City and San Francisco, the problem of unwanted rodents is much more severe. New York City alone has seen a rise in the rodent population by as much as one hundred and twenty nine percent. But in San Francisco, where this growing problem is the worst of all, rodent related calls to professional rodent removal services have risen by very nearly one hundred and seventy five percent (one hundred and seventy four percent, if you’re looking to be more exact).

When it comes to the growth of the rat population, professional rodent removal services will point you to the fact that rats in particular can breed with both speed and efficiency, repopulating more quickly than humans could ever even imagine. In fact, just three years of breeding could take a mere two rats (if they were the opposite sexes) and turn them into more than four hundred and eighty million rats in a mere three years. Of course, conditions would need to be ideal – even perfect – for the rat problem to escalate so severely, but the fact that it is even possible in the first place is enough.

And as any professional rodent removal services can tell you, having rats or other such rodents in or even around your home can be very dangerous indeed. For one, rats and other rodents steal your food – and currently contaminate as much as twenty percent of the entirety of the food source not only here in the United States, but all around the world as well. If there was no such thing as the professional rodent removal service and other such pest control services, it’s likely that this percentage of twenty percent would quickly climb all the way up to fifty percent.

Rodents also carry disease and can be dangerous to interact with even in the outside world, let alone in your very own home. From rabies to various bacterias and viruses, having rodents like rats or even squirrels in your home poses quite the health threat. And rodents can be aggressive as well, putting you and potentially your children at the risk of sustaining an injury if the rodent problem in your home goes untreated by a professional rodent removal service.

And rodents can get into your house more easily than many people realize – that is, until they have to deal with a squirrel infestation of the their very own and subsequent rodent removal process that goes along with it. It is always advisable to hire a professional to remove the rodents in your home for you, as you can set yourself up for a great deal of risk if you attempt to do it yourself in any way. You can even put the members of your family at risk as well, something that just about everybody wants to avoid as much as is possible.

On top of this, a professional rodent removal service will be able to remove said rodents in a humane way. They have ways and methods of removal that do not require the death or even the injury of the rodents that are present in your home. For many people, this is a highly important thing and some people will even hesitate to call professional rodent removal services if they know that they won’t use humane methods of said rodent removal.

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