Add Safety to The Workplace with Concrete Floor Coatings

Flooring often takes the greatest stress of all materials in the building, and commercial floor coating is also the best way to help prevent slip and fall incidents. Slip and fall incidents make up about 85% of all worker’s compensation claims, while over 20% of these incidents result in about a month off work. Therefore, quality flooring is essential to help ensure the safety of everyone in your building.

Commercial Floor Coatings
Inside manufacturing and production
locations, concrete flooring is used most often. However, coatings are often needed that will help prevent slipping when there are spills or mopping. One of the most popular coatings is epoxy, although it may become brittle in less than a year.

Much more recently, polyaspartic coatings were developed in the 1990s. These coatings tend to cure much faster than epoxy which takes up to eight months. Additionally, polyaspartic coatings have low to zero VOC, when prevents it from providing a negative impact on indoor air quality. This is much safer for a workspace where some people may not be able to handle some of the fumes released from a coating that becomes brittle and releases chips into the air.

Coating Floors for Quality
While residential flooring has so many additional options, commercial flooring needs to be managed in a much more cautious manner. This can include the value of the coating as well as the long-term benefit of preventing slip and fall accidents. Considering the fact that those accidents tend to cost up to $70 billion in medical and compensation expenses annually, there is much to see in what a coating could help with in the long run.

Concrete floor coatings are able to help so many different areas that the commercial workspace becomes much safer for employees and visitors alike. With the ability to prevent slip and fall accidents, whether they are employees or people visiting the work site, any coating is able to help increase the safety value of your plant. While this is most important for concrete floors and others that don’t have carpet or another covering that will prevent slipping. There is also a great deal to gain from chemical coatings that prevent slipping and also help with cleaning as there would be no reason for mop water to cause those accidents. Safety becomes much with concrete coatings.

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