3 Foundation Problems and How to Fix Them

The most critical piece of any home is the foundation. In many homes, the foundation can consist of a large concrete slab resting underneath the house. If the foundation becomes damaged or compromised in some way, this can threaten the integrity of the entire home. There are many ways the foundation can become damaged, but there are also ways to repair foundation problems before they jeopardize the house. Here are three common foundation problems and how to fix them.

  • The Foundation is Built on Clay-Rich Soils: According to Olshan Foundations, clay soils are also known as expansive soils or swelling soils. When this type of soil becomes wet, it expands, and when it becomes dry, it contracts. As a result, if a foundation is built on this type of soil, it can lead to the foundation cracking and shifting which can eventually lead to foundation failure. If this is happening to your foundation, it is very important to contact a foundation repair specialist that specializes in working with clay soils to find a solution.
  • The Fix-Control Moisture Levels: One method of fixing a foundation built in clay-rich soils is to control the moisture levels of the soil in and around the foundation. It’s the presence or absence of moisture in the soil that is causing the problem, so if the moisture in the soil can be regulated, it should help to prevent the soil from expanding.
  • The Foundation has Flooding Damage: Another common foundation problem is flooding damage. Excess water in the soil surrounding the foundation can lead to water leaking in and causing mold, or a slow wearing away of the foundation due to water damage. If this problem is not corrected, this can eventually lead to the foundation collapsing due to the ground underneath being washed away or, in the case of mold, it can lead to the home becoming uninhabitable due to a mold infestation.
  • The Fix-Finding Drainage Solutions: If the home’s foundation is located in an area prone to flooding, one possible solution might be to find a drainage solution that directs any flood waters away from the area when it occurs. If the problem is just excessive moisture, the solution could be controlling the moisture levels of the soil.
  • The Foundation is Built on Limestone Formations: If the foundation is built on top of limestone formations, this can lead to severe foundation problems with dangerous sinkholes forming if the limestone cavern underneath the home collapses due to the foundation’s weight.
  • The Fix-Building Support Piers: If the presence of a limestone formation is not detected before the foundation is laid, one possible way to prevent a sinkhole from forming is to have support piers installed underneath the foundation. This way, even if the formation collapses, the home will remain stable.
  • In conclusion, while problems with foundations can occur, there are solutions available to repair them. These solutions can be accessed by contacting your local foundation repair specialist and having them come to your home to inspect the foundation.

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