A Guide on How to Find the Perfect Type of Studio for Your Yard

If you ever think of setting up a backyard studio, one of the critical things to think about is the plan style. The design is also very essential as it will affect how the studio matches your property and the way you store various things in it. You don’t have to break the bank, go for an affordable backyard studio.

Backyard studios come in different types and for various purposes. The following are types of backyard studio plans:

• Garden Shed

Most affordable backyard studio plans can be treated as garden sheds. However, the prevalent plans to be treated as garden are the ones with steeper roof pitches and intricate trim work. They usually look like a cape cod cottage rather than a wooden box with a skewed roof.

• Lean To

Lean to shed plan is the simplest backyard studio style to build. They have single sloping roof plane running from one side to the other without ridgeline. It can be set up with a roof or without depending on the purpose. It is the backbone of the modern shed.

• Modern

The modern backyard studio plan is the most renowned style for a home office. It is more or less a lean to shed, but it has windows and nicer finishes that make it a suitable workspace. It has extra glass-paned doors and windows that give it the look and feel of a professional office. The modern shed is also highly preferred as a workout room or a working studio.

• Barn

A barn shed makes an excellent backyard shed plan. Setting up a mini barn in your backyard can offer you the look and versatility of national farm barn in your yard. The other type of barn is a gambrel. It has vast additional storage space in the loft region. Other barns are the regular gambrel barn and the raised center aisle.

• Large

Large affordable backyard studio plans are for specific yards. They can’t be universal due to their large size. However, they are an excellent option for those who can afford the room and in need of a large shed for storage space and extra work. They usually have two doors, a small door to access the work areas and a large door for moving equipment in and out of the barn. Some are so large that they even have a garage door.

• Garage Door

A garage door backyard shed is a significant accessory which makes excellent access to the interior. It usually requires to be a massive shed to create an adequate room that allows the door to roll up and offer storage room when in the open position.

• Greenhouse

A greenhouse backyard shed is an excellent way to start plants in your yard. It’s also a great way to extend the growing season. Most of them are generally covered at least halfway with a translucent polycarbonate roofing material that allows much of daylight. Besides, they have wooden tables and a porous floor that allows water to drain out of the shed.

• Firewood

Storing firewood and seasoning need to be done under roof protection. The size of the storage structure determines the quantity of firewood that can fit inside. The size of your firewood shed should be relative to the amount of firewood that you burn annually.

However, wood seasoning takes a year, and burning takes another year. This implies that you may be forced to set up storage with two years capacity.

Why you should pick a Prefab Studio?

To avoid all hustle and bustle, consider investing in a prefab studio. It’s ready-made, then delivered and installed quickly. After complete installation, ensure that you have the prefab studio kits.

When it comes to onsite waste, 83% of contractors firmly believe that prefabricated building can significantly reduce construction waste.

These affordable backyard studio styles should guide you on the best modern backyard studios for your yard. After picking the style, choose the size that suits your budget and requirements.

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