Install Sewer Lining to Protect Sewer Lines

Plumbing problems come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from an obvious leaky faucet to more complicated unseen problems. The function of plumbing in a home or work space is to bring in clean water and take out dirty water. This process is most commonly accomplished using a network of water pipes. A water pipe is a tube designed to circulate clean water to consumers. The pipes are also used to remove waste water. Over time, they can become damaged. If located underground, they can become punctured by an expanding tree root or even suffer the effects of corrosion. In either case, the end result is in a leak that may be costly to fix.

A French drain may serve to ease the collection of pooling water. These drains have been used for decades. While French drains are an effective option for water management, if the problem is more severe, there is another option. Sewer pipe lining is a way to help remedy the situation without having to dig up the front yard. Here are a two ways it can be installed.

Internal Pipe Coating

This kind of coating is used to address an existing sewer problem. If there is a leaking pipe in need of sewer repair it should be cared for quickly. It may be seeping waste water into the soil surrounding it.

First, the area needs to be prepared for treatment. The pipes should be completely drained of all water. Afterwards, a thick layer of epoxy coating is carefully sprayed on the interior of the pipes. This will completely seal any leaks or cracks that have developed. Not only will this seal any holes, but it will also improve the integrity of the pipe system

Pipe Bursting

The name of this technique suggests an explosive application and it is just that. This is used on pipes that are severely damaged. It can also be used to replace an entire pipe system or if there is a need to repair larger sections of sewer pipeline.

The installers need to have physical access to the pipe. This is essential in order to repair it. They need to dig two access pits at either end of the sewer pipeline. On one end of the pipe a “bursting head” is placed into the access pit. The head is then dragged through the pipe and on its way, bursts the old pipe. Behind the head is a new, seamless pipe to replace the damaged sewer line.

Water Management

Managing they way water flows on any property is an important part of maintenance. If you find that water is pooling in a certain area or tends to collect around the perimeter, it may be time to look into installing a French drain.

French drains are a great way to move water that is pooling from one location to another. It consists of a sloping trench that is filled with gravel and a perforated drain pipe. It is then covered with drain rock and finally, landscape fabric. These drains can be used inside and outside the house and are a very efficient mechanism for relocating pooling water.

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